16 December 2018

High Magics of the War in Heavens

Before the singular and unrivalled rule of the Authority, before the restricting and unbreakable Laws of Magic, in the Multiverse that never was, there was the War in Heavens. Archmages and supreme sorcerers of prodigious power clashed as realities fell apart and time itself was rent asunder and stitched back better to their liking. Spells of unimaginable might were slung around with such ease and as much thought as a cantrip today.

Here are d20 of those incredible spells:
  1. alter global gravity
  2. annihilation
  3. baleful plane shift
  4. baleful terraformation
  5. conjure black hole
  6. contingent time loop
  7. depopulation
  8. false vacuum
  9. familicide
  10. mass interplanetary teleport
  11. mass true resurrection
  12. nuclear fireball
  13. permanent time stop
  14. power word: retgone
  15. rewrite reality
  16. teleport through time
  17. true meteor storm
  18. supernova
  19. ultimate dispel magic
  20. zombie apocalypse

from Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

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