30 August 2018

d100 GLOG Wizard Schools

Why would you let a player pick what school of magic their wizard studied, when you can have them roll on a neat table instead? Here is the neat table.

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d50+ Schools of Magic

  1. Adipomancer
  2. Allomancer*
  3. Anti Wizard
  4. Arcane Inventor*
  5. Bard
  6. Biomancer
  7. Black Witch
  8. Bone Wizard
  9. Calcomancer**
  10. Cat Wizard
  11. Chaos Cabalist
  12. Cosmomancer**
  13. Cthonomancer**
  14. Deep Mage
  15. Diabolist
  16. Diviner Wizard 
  17. Drowned Wizard
  18. Druid
  19. Earthsea Mage*
  20. Electromancer**
  21. Elementalist Wizard
  22. Elf Wizard
  23. Force Wizard
  24. Forge Wizard
  25. Garbage Wizard
  26. Garden Wizard
  27. Golemist
  28. Golemist*
  29. Handsome Wizard
  30. Heptamancer
  31. Herald of the Immaculate Morning
  32. Hermit Wizard of the Iron Skunk Bear
  33. Illusionist Wizard
  34. Industrial Wizard
  35. Iron Wizard of Tolti-Aph
  36. Jellimentalist
  37. Lenguamancer
  38. Mad Scientist
  39. Magelander*
  40. Magician*
  41. Metamancer**
  42. Moderatus Wizard
  43. Monk
  44. Muscle Wizard**
  45. Necromancer
  46. Noise Wizard
  47. Numismagus
  48. Numismancer 
  49. Oracle Wizard
  50. Orthodox Wizard
  51. Psychomancer**
  52. Queensman Wizard
  53. Radiomancer
  54. Root Doctor*
  55. Science Wizard
  56. Sea Mage
  57. Shadow Wizard
  58. Silk Wizard
  59. Sin Wizard
  60. Skull Wizard
  61. Snake Wizard
  62. Solar Geometer
  63. Sorcerer*
  64. Soul Shaman**
  65. Speleomage
  66. Spellthief*
  67. Spider Wizard
  68. Summoner
  69. Sun Wizard
  70. Sword Mage
  71. Telemancer
  72. Toxinist
  73. Truenamer*
  74. Warlock**
  75. White Witch
  76. Winter Witch
  77. Witch Coven*
  78. Wizard of the Red Hand
  79. Wizard of the White Hand 
  80. Wordsmith Wizard
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Here are d20 (or so) wizards or related classes that are a bit too different from the base wizard class, too weird, a bit incomplete, a bit under- or overpowered, or thematically incompatible with my setting.
  1. Botanimancer
  2. Calimarimancer
  3. Chronomancer 
  4. Cleric
  5. Crusader
  6. Cult*
  7. Door Wizard
  8. Fake Math Wizard
  9. Fiendish Channeler
  10. Gish*
  11. Hackr*
  12. Hair Wizard
  13. Heleognostic
  14. Meat Mage
  15. Necroid*
  16. Pataphysician
  17. Pornomancer
  18. Preacher (part 2, part 3)*
  19. Priest of Hesaya*
  20. Psion*
  21. Spellhost*
  22. Sword Wizard
  23. Tech
  24. Telemancer 
  25. Thaumonaut
  26. Time Wizard
  27. Toxic*
  28. Warlock*
  29. Weather Witch*
  30. Woodland Protector
Have I missed any wizardly traditions? Tell me and I'll add them. Thanks to everyone who creates the many wonderful classes for GLOG!

From here.

*) These classes have some mechanics that differentiate them from base GLOG wizards, but they are close enough and/or interesting enough to have them here, IMHO.
**)  These classes have somewhat scattered write-ups. Have a look here.


  1. I made a "gish" a while ago, but quite frankly the sword mage posted is just better.

  2. Hey, did someone else write a Truena- oh, that was me. At any rate, I have a Heptamancer out that I'm quite fond of

    1. Your Truenamer is very interesting, I just have no idea how well will it work in play. :)

      I also like the Heptamancer. I will add them to the list.

    2. It's worked spectacularly so far. Having a physical bag at the table makes a big difference. If they can manage two or more words describing an effect, it just happens. If its just one, or its a big effect, then over-/under-shoot as much as you like. The more precise their pseudospell, the better the results.

    3. Neat! BTW, do you have it on your blog? I only found it on GitHub, I cloud link the original blog entry.

    4. http://meanderingbanter.blogspot.com/2018/09/truenamer-v1.html

      Looks like the Github link got moved as well.

  3. Just made a wizard, the garbage wizard.