10 October 2018

Class: Herald of the Immaculate Morning

  1. The God is dead; the Evil already won.
  2. Existence is cyclic; what dies shall be reborn.
  3. Rejoice at the End, for a New Dawn shall rise from the ashes of a broken world.
- Dogma of the Immaculate Morning

Heralds of the Immaculate Morning are understood by few. They are compassionate. They are merciful. They are a beacon of hope and peace. They know that life brings suffering, but death brings deliverance. They are working towards a better world - specifically the world after this one.

They will kill you with a kind smile and words of solace: "Don't worry, I shall find your family to let them join you in the Heaven."

Dawn by Noah Bradley

You are an Outlaw.

Starting Equipment:
  • a white robe with a golden sunburst,
  • a small jug of poisoned honey (Save or die).

Perks & Flaws:

You faith is strong and true. Once per day, you may ignore an effect that would cause you to act against your beliefs, or force you into something you consider blasphemous.

Your faith is considered heretical and is persecuted by the Church. Your MD only return on 1-2 during the night.

  1. Touch of Mercy: By kissing a creature's forehead, you can instantly kill them (no Save). The target must be willing, or at 0 (or less) hp. This also removes all pain and suffering, granting them a second of serenity before death. The victim may even speak a word or two, any they often wear a peaceful expression after death.
  2. Touch of Pity: You may transfer any negative effect or affliction from a victim to yourself by touching their forehead with two fingers. This includes for example poisons, diseases, curses, insanities, Fatal Wounds and attribute damage.
  3. Touch of Purity: You may clean creatures or objects by running your hands over them.

Sun Priest by Dimitar Bochukov

Spell List:

1. Light
R: touch; T: creature or object; D: [dice] x 2 hours

The target object shines as a torch, or stronger with more [dice].

Alternately, you can make an Attack roll against a sighted creature. If you succeed, the creature is blinded for [sum] rounds. If [sum] is 12 or greater, the creature is permanently blind.

You can chose the colour of the light. With 4 [dice], the light may have all the qualities of natural sunlight, or you can create pure octarine (though that will only last for 1 round). Octarine light is extremely dangerous.

2. Heal
R: touch; T: creature(s); D: concentration

Heal up to [sum] hp. You may distribute healing among as many creatures as you would like, as long as the total hp healed does not exceed [sum] and you maintain concentration.

With 2 [dice], you may also cause permanent sterility in the target. With 3 [dice], you may kill all parasites within the target (including unborn children, who are immediately taken to the Heaven). With 4 [dice], you may instead heal a single target of all ills.

Alternately, you can chose to inflict [sum] damage, distributed among creatures you touch as long as you maintain concentration. With 4 [dice], you may deal [sum] damage to a single creature and force it to Save or lose a limb.

Blessed be those who never bring an innocent child into this world of suffering.

Heralds are not omnicidal maniacs running around killing as many people as possible. They would die to save a friend who is not yet ready to go - death is a gift that should not be taken with fear. They also loathe to use this spell to do harm. There is enough pain in the world to cause more.

3. Delay Death
R: 0; T: self; D: [sum] minutes

For each [die] invested, pick one type of effects that will be suspended for the duration:
  • Fatal Wounds,
  • bleeding,
  • poisons,
  • diseases,
  • curses,
  • mind-affecting or madness effects,
  • other effects, at the GM's discretion.

There is always more work to do before you will finally embrace death. While you cannot directly cure all ills, you can save your dying allies with a touch of pity and then prolong your own life with this spell.

4. Sleep
R: 50'; T: creature; D: 10 minutes

The target falls into a magical slumber and can't be woken by anything less vigorous than a slap (a standard action). Non-alert, unaware targets are not allowed a Save. While asleep, the target will bear a subtle smile.

You can affect a creature of up to [sum] HD, and if [sum] is at least 4 times the target's HD, the duration becomes permanent (until woken), and the creature no longer needs to eat or drink while sleeping. With 3 [dice], the duration also becomes permanent and you can set the only condition that will cause the target to awake (the sunrise before the Apocalypse, true love's kiss, etc).

5. Emotion
R: 30'; T: [dice] creatures; D: varies

Instill an emotion of your choosing into the target, or suppress an emotion. The emotion must be within the limits of sanity, so no berserk rages or suicidal depressions.

Heralds mostly use this spell to dull the emotional pain that cannot be healed with their other spells, or to offer blissful joy and serenity.

6. Remove Fear
R: 100'; T: creatures that can see and hear you; D: concentration, up to [sum] rounds

You start chanting. Creatures that can see and hear you are immune to fear and automatically pass all Morale checks for the duration of this spell. If they were affected by natural or supernatural fear effect, it is removed. They also loose all fear of death or injury.

The caster cannot benefit from this spell. If the caster fails a Fear test or a Morale check in sight of a creature affected by this spell, the spell's effects end for that creature instantly.

7. Protection from Evil Intent
R: touch; T: [dice] x [dice] creatures; D: [sum] minutes

The targets cannot be seen or heard by anyone who harbours ill will towards them. The spell is broken for any target who attacks or otherwise harms another creature.

8. Sanctuary
R: [dice] x 10' radius; T: location; D: [sum] minutes

You bless a patch of ground against all violence. Anyone attempting to harm a creature within the sanctuary must Save or be unable to carry out the attack, loosing the action. Anyone within the sanctuary who attempts to harm any other creature looses the effects of sanctuary and in addition gets disadvantage on all rolls as long as they remain within the sanctuary.

9. Pick one of the following:
R: touch; T: spirit; D: 0

Make an opposed Cha check against a spirit (angel, demon, elemental, fairy, ghost, spell, disease, etc). If you succeed, you banish it from an area determined by [dice] you invested.

With 1 [die], you banish it from the immediate area (a room). With 2 [dice], from the building (or dungeon). With 3 [dice], from the location (a village, a forest). With 4 [dice], you force it to return to the spirit world. The target is banished for a year and a day.

If you fail your Charisma check, you take [sum] damage.

Holy water or icons, proper ritual, or the target's true name may add up to +4 to your Charisma for the purposes of this check.

R: touch; T: possessing spirit; D: 0

A spirit (angel, demon, elemental, fairy, ghost, spell, disease, etc.) of [dice] HD or lower is expelled from a possessed object or creature, no Save. This will not destroy the spirit, just remove it from its host. If [sum] is 12 or greater, it is also forced to return to the spirit world.

You can gain +1 effective [dice] from holy water or other objects and substances anathema to the spirit. You can also gain +2 effective [dice] if you know the spirit's true name.

See these rules or this post for notes on diseases.

10. Pick one of the following:
Prayer of Peace
R: 100'; T: creatures that can see and hear you; D: concentration, up to [sum] rounds

You kneel and chant fervently (which takes all your actions for the duration). Each turn, a random creature (including yourself) within range takes [sum] damage, no Save. The damage is painless and joyful (not breaking concentration for you).

Prayer of Respite
R: 100'; T: creatures that can see and hear you; D: concentration, up to [sum] rounds

You kneel and chant fervently (which takes all your actions for the duration). All creatures in range (including yourself) with HD equal or less then [your level] + [dice] fail all Saves.

11. Angelic Armour
R: 0; T: self; D: [dice] rounds

A halo appears above your head, framing you in holy radiance. You reflect half of the damage you would take back at the attacker. If [sum] is 12 or greater, you reflect the full damage.

12. Borrowed Time
R: touch; T: corpse; D: [dice] minutes

The target is temporarily returned to life, though it may not have been dead for longer than [sum] hours.

The spell does not mend any wounds, it simply makes the dead body function for a while. Thus, creatures with slit throat will have problems speaking, creatures with shattered heads will be unconscious, and dismembered creatures will only be able to flap their severed limbs slightly.

This is as far as I'm willing to go with resurrections. You may temporarily persuade a soul that didn't yet fully leave its earthly shell to remain for a bit longer, but no magic can return the dead to true life.
from Battle for Wesnoth

  1. Your MD only return on a 1-2 for 24 hours (or only on 1 at night).
  2. You take 1d6 damage as terrible pain ravages your body.
  3. Random mutation for 1d6 rounds, then Save. Permanent if you fail. Angelic mutations are preferable.
  4. Random insanity for 1d6 rounds, then Save. Permanent if you fail.
  5. You and everyone within 30' must Save or fall prone, as all the pain in the whole world briefly flashes through your mind and spills around.
  6. For a day, you have angelic appearance. Your skin glows dimly and your eyes are like stars. Your voice alone brings calm and peace. You look unnaturally beautiful and perfect. This is bound to attract some attention.

  1. All your scars and blemishes disappear and you permanently count as a holy creature. You need no food nor drink (actually, you cannot eat and drink). Your anus and genitals disappear.
  2. You feel joy instead of pain. For a day, you fail all Saves against damage or death.
  3. You work on this world is done. You will smile blissfully, bid farewell to your companions, and commit suicide to join the choir of angels.

Your first Blessing is relatively benign as far as threats to your life go, but you will no longer be able to use potions, or really anything that needs to be consumed. Your second Blessing has a high chance to kill you, but at least it will be painless.

Why would you avoid your Blessings? You are not Doomed to die like other wizards. Instead, you will eventually ascend to a higher plane of existence, awaiting the End and the New Dawn as an angel in the Heaven.

However, should you choose to try and avoid your Blessings, you must turn yourself over to the Church, renounce your faith and confess your sins. You actually have a chance that you won't be burnt at the stake, as the Church likes to show off their converts, preaching that everyone can find salvation when they embrace the only true faith. Of course, you will be brainwashed and indoctrinated first, as any convert is intrinsically untrustworthy and their loyalty must be ensured.

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