21 July 2018

Suicide Demon and Angel of Mercy

The Church calls them demons, subtle killers or suicide whisperers. The Heralds venerate them as angels, bringers of mercy and peace, the compassionate whisperers.

They can help a person find relief from their ills, but they leave sorrow behind. They would never harm a soul and only seek to ease all pain, yet they kill with mere words. They never appear materialized and no happy person will ever see them, but those wounded, depressed, sick, old or with no purpose in their lives will be visited. They are always compassionate, soft-spoken, clothed white and bearing a slightly sad smile.

Where whisperers come, all suffering flees. Even those who cannot see them will be rid of their pain (PCs don't know their hp left, GM will track hp for them). Once you can see them*, they will talk to you. Their voice is beautiful and soothing. You will calm down and relax even if combat is still raging on around you, even if you are bleeding or holding your entrails as they fall out of your body. There will be no pain, stress, fear or madness (all mind-affecting effects are suppressed when actively talking to a whisperer, even permanent insanity).

The whisperer will tell you that no one should suffer as much as you do. That the world is wrong, broken by the Adversary and filled with pain the humanity should never have known. That the Heaven is waiting for you, full of serenity and happiness. That you can end it now, painlessly, and they will lead you to the gate. That they will have to leave and all the pain and madness will return. That this is your chance for salvation.

They don't lie. You can detect falsehood or deception as much as you'd like, but you'll find none. If they are demons as the Church claims, they themselves were deceived as they sincerely believe what they preach. They feel true compassion with the plight of mortals and only want to help you realize that this life is a trap of the Adversary and the Heaven awaits beyond death.

If you consent, they will advise you how to kill yourself quickly and beyond recovery. You may coup-de-grace yourself. If your friends are dying, they will beg you not to deny them the Paradise they have at arm's reach. You may try to take an action that would remove lethal wounds, but have to Save or fail to do so.

They will smile, delighted, and show you the jewelled stairs to the Heaven.

When a child dies, they will lead them to the Heaven's gate and weep tears of black tar. They love children. One of the ways to destroy a whisperer is to slowly torture an innocent child to death where the whisperer cannot reach it to ease the pain. The whisperer will scream, then beg you to stop, offering anything in return, then die of grief.

Suicide Demon / Angel of Mercy
HD 3
Def leather Atk none
Save 12 Morale 6
Special invisible, intangible, aura of mercy (30'), soothing speech
Motivation to relieve all pain, to make children happy

by Bo Klinge

*) This requires that you have some lethal wounds, injures or insanities, suffer from a poison or a disease, are under mental distress (especially grief, depression or resignation), or are of venerable age.

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