29 May 2019

Class: Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot

It was bound to happen sooner of later.

A: Masutākirā no hijō ni chimei-tekina kōgeki, Shin'ya no shizukesa shijima gihō
B: Drinking Mates, P-Arrr-ot
C: Daisy Pusher
D: Metal Skin, X-Ray Eyes!!! or Laser Eyes!!!

Background & Equipment: Roll here, on the whole table.

Starting Skills: (roll d10 twice)
  1. Brooding
  2. Computers
  3. Dental Neurosurgery
  4. Espionage
  5. Gambling
  6. Heavy Drinking
  7. Mimicking Emotions
  8. Not Dying
  9. Shambling
  10. Whoring

Masutākirā no hijō ni chimei-tekina kōgeki*
For every non-trivial fact** you know about your target, you have +1 Attack and damage, to a maximum of +6. Usable once per encounter.

Shin'ya no shizukesa shijima gihō*
You make no noise when you move, and succeed automatically when sneaking in a situation where noise is the only method of detection.

Drinking Mates
You know a bar or tavern in every town where the patrons are friendly enough towards you that they would be willing to lie for you, given plausible deniability. For a smile and some sweet words to the owner, you can use a backroom unmolested.

You are also the first one to learn new gossips, and you have a 1-in-6 chance to have already heard something about any newly introduced NPC.

You now have a parrot familiar. It's intelligent enough to talk and even offer snarky remarks (in pirate speech). If you somehow get it killed, you can buy a new one.
Daisy Pusher
You are undead. You don't drink, breathe or sleep. You are immune to non-magical poisons and diseases, plus to bleeding and pain. You are also immune to healing magic and can only heal through resting. Even worse, only the raw flesh of your own race counts as a ration for you.
Metal Skin
Reduce all incoming damage except for electric by 2 points.

X-Ray Eyes!!!
Your implants allows you to switch between normal and x-ray vision.

Laser Eyes!!!
Your implants allows you to fire laser beams from your eyes. They deal 1d6 radiant damage with range of 50', but blind you for the same number of rounds. You can use this ability as much as you want, just not while blind.

Rock-paper-scissors is for noobs!

*) I'm so sorry to any native speaker!
**) Something you can't learn from a glance.

28 May 2019

Power Cells

As an alternative to tracking an Energy resource for powered sci-fi items, I might steal usage dice from the Black Hack.

Each gadget has a Power Die based on the type of power cell you've inserted in it, and instead of taking Energy in the time intervals described in my list, you roll the die. This adds a bit of fun and unpredictability into the boring resource management.

Here are several power cells and their maximum Power Dice, in order from the most common (or rather the least uncommon):
  1. Chem cell: d8
  2. Nuclear cell: d10
  3. Antimatter cell: d12
  4. Zero point cell: d20

We can also have some fun with rechargeable power cells. All of them have a maximum Power Die of d8.
  1. Fidget cell: For every day of travelling* with this power cell, step up its Power Die.
  2. Fuel cell: Fill the power cell with Fuel to set its Power Die to maximum.
  3. Solar cell: For every day of sunlight** this power cell absorbs, step up its Power Die.
  4. Xenotech cell: For every HD worth of blood you drain into this power cell, step up its Power Die.

*) Or shaking it by hand, but who can do that without their hand falling of?
**) This is deliberately weaker than the portable solar panel.

16 May 2019

Death on Wheels

Here is something to drive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, inspired by this.

Hit dice (HD) work the same for vehicles as they do for creatures.

Seats denote how many people can normally use the vehicle. More people can hang on, but any risky manoeuvre forces them to Save or fall off, and any damage taken by the vehicle is also taken by them.

Cargo is the number of inventory slots you can store in the vehicle. Various upgrades can also be installed into cargo slots.

Fuel is a usage die rolled for every overland turn spent travelling (wait for hexcrawling rules), and for every risky situation you get yourself into. Every time you roll a 1, decrease your fuel reserve by one category. Using a canister of fuel conversely increases your reserve by a category.

Empty > Low Fuel > Full Tank

Weight is rather obvious. Heavy vehicles are generally better for car combats.

Speed marks the maximum speed the vehicle can go. All vehicles accelerate one speed category per round, so a Fast vehicle would need three rounds to reach its max speed, and slow by halving their speed.

Light/Slow > Mid-Weight/Speed > Heavy/Fast > Very Heavy/Fast > Super-Heavy/Fast

Defense of a vehicle is based on its current speed: Unarmoured while standing still, as leather at Slow speed, as chain at Mid-Speed, as plate at Fast speed, and then +1 per category. Roll a driving check instead of Attack when using a vehicle as a weapon.

Vehicles do not use separate actions to attack, but rather move to ram or overrun. This causes damage depending on the vehicle's weight or current speed, whichever is better, 1d6 damage per category. If one vehicle is heavier than the other, decrease the damage against it by the difference in weights. Vehicles take no damage for running over soft targets (like people).

For example, an SUV rams a chopper. The SUV goes at its max speed, dealing 2d6 damage. The chopper is still picking up seed, going only Mid-Speed, so it would deal the same damage as the SUV, but because of the weight difference this is decreased by one category, resulting in 1d6 damage.

When a vehicle runs out of hp, it is Wrecked. If currently moving, the driver must make a driving check to crash safely. Passengers normally take no damage until their vehicle runs out of hp, but crashing may cause them damage based on the vehicle's speed. Vehicles can be repaired with spare parts during downtime.

Sidesweeping deals half damage and forces a driving check from the lighter vehicle to avoid crashing. Driving check may also be called for in risky situations, and failure may cause damage to the passengers.

Mechs could use similar rules.

Roll d6 for a biker gang, d10 for motorized raiders, and d20 for a motley crew of randomly scavenged vehicles.

d20 Vehicles
  1. ATV: HD 2, Seats 1, Cargo 10, Fuel 1d12, Light, Mid-Speed
  2. Buggy: HD 2, Seats 2, Cargo 10, Fuel 1d8, Light, Fast
  3. Chopper: HD 2, Seats 1, Cargo 5, Fuel 1d10, Light, Very Fast
  4. Dirtbike: HD 2, Seats 1, Cargo 5, 1d12, Light, Fast
  5. Motor Trike: HD 2, Seats 2, Cargo 10, Fuel 1d10, Middleweight, Fast
  6. Sidecar Bike: HD 2, Seats 3, Cargo 5, Fuel 1d10, Light, Mid-Speed
  7. Cabriolet: HD 3, Seats 4, Cargo 30, Fuel 1d8, Middleweight, Fast
  8. Jeep: HD 4, Seats 4, Cargo 30, Fuel 1d10, Middleweight, Mid-Speed
  9. Pickup: HD 4, Seats 6, Cargo 40, Fuel 1d10, Heavy, Slow
  10. Sportscar: HD 3, Seats 2, Cargo 20, Fuel 1d8, Middleweight, Very Fast
  11. Semi Truck: HD 5, Seats 4, Cargo 20 (200 with trailer), Fuel 1d8, Very Heavy, Slow
  12. SUV: HD 3, Seats 5, Cargo 30, Fuel 1d10, Middleweight, Mid-Speed
  13. Van: HD 4, Seats 6, Cargo 40, Fuel 1d8, Heavy, Mid-Speed
  14. Bus: HD 5, Seats 20, Cargo 60, Fuel 1d8, Very Heavy, Slow
  15. Skiff: HD 3, Seats 4, Cargo 20, Fuel 1d10, Light, Fast, aquatic
  16. Yacht: HD 6, Seats 10, Cargo 50, Fuel 1d8, Heavy, Slow, aquatic
  17. Helicopter: HD 3, Seats 2, Cargo 10, Fuel 1d8, Middleweight, Super-Fast, flying
  18. Hovercar: HD 3, Seats 4, Cargo 20, Fuel 1d6, Middleweight, Fast, flying
  19. Armoured Transporter: HD 8, Seats 10, Cargo 30, Fuel 1d8, Super-Heavy, Mid-Speed
  20. Tank: HD 10, Seats 4, Cargo 10, Fuel 1d6, Super-Heavy, Slow, chain cannon

And for the truly desperate: Segway: HD 1, Seats 1, Cargo 0, Fuel 1d10, Light, Slow.

Upgrades do all sorts of crazy things, but it should not be easy to find them. Roll 1d20 for relatively common upgrades, 2d20 for uncommon and 3d20 for rather rare upgrades.

  1. Extra Fuel Tank: 3 Cargo, step up Fuel die.
  2. Extra Seat: 5 Cargo, +1 Seat.
  3. Turbo: 3 Cargo, temporarily increase speed one category above max, but also decrease Fuel reserves.
  4. Airbags: 1 Cargo per Seat, negates one instance of damage to passengers.
  5. Float Bags: 5 Cargo per weight category, the vehicle floats on water rather than sinking.
  6. Improved Shock Absorbers: 2 Cargo, +1 to driving, stackable.
  7. Radio Receiver: 4 Cargo, for remote communication.
  8. Heavy-duty Frame: half max Cargo, +1 HD.
  9. Harpoon: 5 Cargo, 1d8 damage and reel-in chain, range 50 m.
  10. Spikes: 5 Cargo, heavier vehicles don't get decreased damage.
  11. Wheel Blades: 3 Cargo, sidesweeping deals full damage.
  12. Plough: 6 Cargo, use d8 for ramming damage.
  13. Flamethrower: 5 Cargo, 2d6 fire damage and Save vs catching fire, range 30 m cone, out of fuel on any 1.
  14. Claw Crane: 10 Cargo, can lift heavy objects.
  15. Five-point Harness: 1 Cargo per Seat, prevents damage from failed driving checks.
  16. Searchlight: 4 Cargo, powerful light.
  17. Secret Stash: 2 Cargo, half your Cargo can be hidden in secret compartments.
  18. Steam Engine: 10 Cargo, can use wood/coal and water instead of petrol/diesel.
  19. Camouflage: 6 Cargo, hides the vehicle when stationary.
  20. Plasteel Plating: 5 Cargo, gain DR 3 (does not stack).
  21. Stereo System: 3 Cargo, for really loud music.
  22. Bed: 10 Cargo, provides a comfy bunk.
  23. Minifridge: 4 Cargo, keeps your food cold.
  24. Kitchen Unit: 10 Cargo, cook your meals without a camp.
  25. Water Purifier: 5 Cargo, makes polluted or brackish water drinkable.
  26. Onboard Lab: 20 Cargo, equipment and chemicals to make your drugs or explosives.
  27. Medical Unit: 20 Cargo, helps with treating injuries.
  28. Forklift: 8 Cargo, can lift heavy objects.
  29. Roller Drum: 6 Cargo, use d10 for ramming soft targets.
  30. Security System: 3 Cargo, failing to unlock the vehicle deals 1d8 electric damage.
  31. Alarm System: 3 Cargo, motion sensors linked to sirens.
  32. Solar Panel: 5 Cargo, generates 1 Energy per hour of sunlight.
  33. Ejection Seat: 5 Cargo, activate to shoot yourself out of the vehicle.
  34. Computer Terminal: 8 Cargo, all the computing power you might want.
  35. Recharging Station: 1 Cargo, roll Fuel dice to recharge 1 Energy for a gadget.
  36. Weather Station: 5 Cargo, measures wind, humidity, radiation etc. and helps in predicting dangerous weather.
  37. Self-destruct System: 2 Cargo, with a remote control you can carry.
  38. Autopilot: 4 Cargo, the vehicle will keep to its course if you stop steering it.
  39. Duralloy Plating: 10 Cargo, gain DR 6 (does not stack).
  40. Navigation: 4 Cargo, decrease chance of getting lost by 2.
  41. Jet Engine: 10 Cargo, increase Speed by two categories, but decrease Fuel die by two steps.
  42. Minireactor: 20 Cargo, set Fuel die to d20, but can only be refuelled by uranium rods, antimatter, dark matter, or something similarly rare and dangerous.
  43. Plasma Turret: 10 Cargo, 2d8 fire damage, range 150 m, out of ammo on any 1.
  44. Laser Turret: 5 Cargo, 1d10 radiant damage, range 200 m, out of energy on 1.
  45. Minigun: 5 Cargo, 1d12 damage, range 100 m, out of ammo on 1.
  46. Machinegun: 15 Cargo, 4d6 damage, range 100 m, out of ammo on any 1.
  47. Coilgun: 20 Cargo, 6d6 damage, range 100 m, out of ammo on any 1.
  48. Grenade Launcher: 10 Cargo, damage per grenade, range 150 m.
  49. Rocket Launcher: 15 Cargo, 2d10 fire damage, seeking missiles, range 150 m, out of ammo on any 1.
  50. Water Cannon: 5 Cargo, 1d6 damage and Save vs knockback, range 30 m cone, out of water on 1.
  51. Chain Cannon: 20 Cargo, 3d10 damage, range 200 m, out of ammo on any 1.
  52. Particle Cannon: 30 Cargo, 4d10 damage, range 200 m, out of ammo on any 1.
  53. Laser Array: 15 Cargo, 1d20 radiant damage, range 200 m, out of energy on 1.
  54. EMP Blaster: 10 Cargo, 2d10 damage vs electronics, range 50 m cone, out of energy on any 1.
  55. X-ray Blaster: 15 Cargo, 3d8 radiation damage, range 50 m cone, out of energy on any 1.
  56. Targeting System: 8 Cargo, +4 to hit with mounted weaponry.
  57. Antigrav Thrusters: 8 Cargo, +4 to jumps with the vehicle.
  58. Scanners: 5 Cargo, detect technology within the hex.
  59. Shield Generator: 20 Cargo, force field grants DR 10, runs out of energy when any damage gets through.
  60. Gravity Manipulator: 5 Cargo per weight category, with a driving check you can ride on walls.

Of course, you can also get rid of seats for extra Cargo, install more upgrades on the roof, or anything else your GM lets you. Go crazy.

11 May 2019

Weirder Diseases

Pneumonia, syphilis, mummy rot or the plague are nice and all, but maybe you want some stranger diseases for a change?

d30 Diseases
  1. Asonia: You negate sounds. Not only you cannot speak, but you walk, fight or scream in complete silence. You also cannot hear, as the sounds don't reach your inner ear.
  2. Astral hiccups: Any time you are scared or surprised, you experience an involuntary, uncontrolled teleporation.
  3. Biokinetic drift: Your body is not yours. Every day, Save or reroll your race and sex.
  4. Bone blight: Bone protrusions pierce your skin from the inside. Loose 1 maximum hp per day, but gain a passive counterattack dealing 1d6 damage from the spikes. Even if the disease is cured, the spikes and hp loss do not go away. Try a biomancer to fix that.
  5. Chronal tumour: Whenever you go to sleep, Save or fall into future. First days, then weeks, months or years.
  6. Clockwork virus: Loud ticking is heard from your innards instead of heartbeat. Loose 1d4 Constitution and Intelligence per day as you turn into a clockwork automaton. Once you reach 0, there is nothing but your skin left over the cogs, axles and pulleys.
  7. Common fire: Where common cold is caused by cold and wet, common fire is caught in hot and dry places. Loose 1d4 Strength per day and cough up smoke.
  8. Cooties: You can only infect and be infected by members of the other sex. Loose 1d6 Charisma per day. You become more and more nervous, awkward and incompetent around the other sex.
  9. Eyeball cancer: You grow new eyeballs all over your body. One by one, they will detach as floating eyes and fly away. That's how floating eyes reproduce.
  10. Enflamed eyes: Anything you leave your eyes on for more than a few seconds will burst into flames.
  11. Hecatoncheiritis: Grow one new, fully functional arm per month. Becomes a real problem once you have so many arms you can barely move.
  12. Hollowing: You feel empty inside. Your thoughts are slower, emotions dull. Nothing scares or excites you. Loose 1d6 Wisdom per day. Once you reach 0, any damage crumbles you into a pile of grey ash, revealing you were actually hollow inside.
  13. Hyperfertility: All of your bodily fluids cause impregnation on skin contact, even in males with 5% chance. If you're female, you can impregnate other females but cannot be self-impregnated.
  14. Hypergravity syndrome: Your personal gravity field slowly collapses. It will become harder and harder to move as you weight twice, thrice, five times more than normal. Loose 1d6 Strength per day. Most people are cured or die before they can form a miniature black hole.
  15. Lucky death: Four-leaf clover lesions cover your body. You may reroll any roll except Saves against this disease at the cost of 1d6 points from random attribute. If you don't use this ability at least once per day, loose 1 point from every attribute.
  16. Magicbane: A spell has died in your brain and now other magic is avoiding its carcass. Effectively you have an antimagic field extending 5' around your body. Don't forget that even things like potions, portals or enchanted prosthetics are suppressed.
  17. Massmind malaise: You feel strangely stretched out. Loose 1d6 Intelligence per day and broadcast your every emotion and thought to creatures within 30'.
  18. Mortambulism: Your body forgot how to die. You remain aware no matter your injuries, but once damaged beyond your natural healing ability, you cannot be easily put together again. Enjoy eternity in pieces.
  19. Phase fever: You flicker in and out of this dimension. Every physical interaction has a chance to fail as you turn intangible at the wrong moment. The chance starts at 1-in-6 and grows as the illness progresses.
  20. Phytogenetic disorder: You turn somewhat green. Loose 1d6 Strength every day unless you had at least four hours of sunlight.
  21. Psionic self-loathing: Add an evil twin of yourself to the random encounter table. It's a tulpa that you unconsciously create, bent on destroying you and all that you value. Even if killed, it will return again and again until this disease is cured.
  22. Psychic seizures: Your soul leaks from your body. Loose 1d4 Intelligence and Wisdom per day. Every time you take damage, all creatures within 10' must Save vs stun as you broadcast the pain.
  23. Regressive crystallization: Loose 1d3 Dexterity and Constitution per day as you slowly turn brittle and crystalline. At least you'll leave behind a beautiful statue.
  24. Rockefeller's disease: Loose 1d4 Constitution per day. A number of sores on your body steadily seeps with black, highly flammable puss.
  25. Rust plague: Your sweat and tears are flakes of rust. Your touch causes rapid rusting. Loose 1d3 Dexterity and Charisma per day.
  26. Spontaneous combustion syndrome: This disease lays dormant until the time of death. Then you explode, dealing 3d6 fire damage in 10' radius and infecting everyone burnt with the disease.
  27. The drips: Your nose drips with green slime. You are immune to its effects, but your equipment and allies not so much.
  28. The shivers: You are bluish in complexion and so cold you are covered in rime. Unless constantly warmed up, you will freeze to death. Loose 1d6 Dexterity and Constitution per day.
  29. Throat rot: Your throat is sore and your tongue is covered in putrescent blisters. Loose 1d4 Constitution per day, plus Save or vomit every time you try to eat. If you fail three daily Saves in a row, your tongue rots off completely.
  30. Unlight sickness: Light no longer interacts right with your diseased body. You are invisible in direct light and translucent in dim light. Loose 1d4 Charisma per day.