23 December 2019

Ray Guns

Useful, versatile and well-liked everywhere in the Galaxy, ray guns are a staple of space-faring adventurers. They are rather rare on Vanth outside of the God City, so having one holstered on your utility belt with pouches is a sure sign of accomplishment.

Ray Gun
Price: 1000 gold credits
Damage: per chosen setting
Range: 20" / 200"

Ray guns are tech weapons. They can be reloaded with power cells. Each comes with d4 different settings that can be freely switched between. Choose the settings randomly on the table below:
  1. Heat ray: Deals 1d8 fire damage. Ignites flammable objects and may eventually melt even metal.
  2. Freeze ray: Deals 1d8 cold damage. Freezes liquids and causes hypothermia.
  3. Stun ray: Stuns for 1d4 rounds, or causes unconsciousness to already stunned targets.
  4. Ion ray: Disrupts force fields, neutralising shields and other force effects for 1d4 rounds.
  5. Hypno ray: Neural disruption causes 1d6 minutes of amnesia in living creatures.
  6. Repulsor ray: Knock back 30'.
  7. Tractor ray: Pulls target 30' closer.
  8. Null ray: Only affects psionic and magical creatures, preventing them from using powers for 1d4 turns.
  9. Radiation ray: Deals 1d6 Con damage. Dangerous to use without radiation protection.
  10. Disintegration ray: Deals 1d20 damage and turns any creature killed into dust. Destroys objects and terrain. Takes 4 charges per shot.

Various ray guns.
Fancy goa'uld ray gun.

22 December 2019

Two Dreams

I had really weird dreams these past few days. Here are two that make at lest some sort of sense when put to words.
I'm working at the Ministry of Thought, except not in an office. There are offices somewhere above in the huge building, but here is a factory hall. I'm standing by a conveyor belt with a clipboard in hand, controlling the brains that go past me, disposing of those faulty or inferior. The brains will be indoctrinated and then implanted into their adult bodies manufactured at the Ministry of Health. All people nowadays have a hinge in their skull for regular thought scans and knowledge updates.
I'm standing in a field of corn, wearing a spacesuit. There is a cosy wooden farm house behind me, complete with a small lawn and children playing with a dog, except it's all enclosed in an atmospheric dome with a grey expanse all around, the corn growing right from the dusty earth. I'm a farmer on the Moon, with vast fields of vacuum corn, selling my produce on the nearby spaceport where it's taken back to the starving Earth.

On an unrelated note, this is my 100th post!

16 December 2019

Odd Mounts

As you travel along the caravan trail in the Unchartable Woods, you will sometimes happen upon a group of foreigners from the west. Such Westlanders often ride steeds much more strange than the horses and lizards common all over Vanth.

The Slug Knight by Ursula Vernon
What are the foreigners riding (d20)?
  1. Animated chair: Some of the more fat and lazy travellers use animated sofas instead.
  2. Centaur: It's both a mount and another member of the party.
  3. Chimera: Roll for 1d4+1 animals here and combine them.
  4. Crab-man: Brought all the way from the Yellow City.
  5. Dire ape: When you see someone shoulder-riding a giant angry-looking ape, better just get out of the way.
  6. Flaming motorbike: Covered in skulls and spikes and fire. Pretty dangerous to ride.
  7. Flying carpet: Old and frayed, it cannot fly more than 2' off the ground.
  8. Flying reindeer: Be careful, they cannot stop in midair without falling.
  9. Giant saltworm: Not as big as a giant sandworm, but still big enough for several people and their baggage.
  10. Mammoth ghost: A ghost touch howdah sits in safety high on this intangible behemoth.
  11. Ooze: Indigestible seat is stuck on top of it, and half-digested carcasses inside of it.
  12. Palanquin: Carried by (d4) 1. muscular slaves, 2. muscular Amazon slaves, 3. many goblins, 4. force of will.
  13. Rainbow ostrich: It's snazzy, fast and in a very bad mood.
  14. Riding slug: If you encountered the foreigners en route, this rider arrives 1d6 minutes later. The slug can stick to nearly any surface, though.
  15. Sky shark: They are held aloft by sheer cool factor.
  16. Talking pony: It's annoyingly upbeat.
  17. Triffid-drawn chariot: The owner might be a botanimancer?
  18. Unicorn: This kind of a unicorn. Maybe better call it a riding flesh golem.
  19. Whirlwind elemental: The rider is floating precariously in its centre.
  20. Weird horse: They do have horses in the west, but weird horses. See below.
Sky sharks!

This weird horse is (d8):
  1. winged,
  2. invisible,
  3. skeletal,
  4. flaming,
  5. man-eating,
  6. two-headed,
  7. clockwork,
  8. actually a 1d6 humped camel.

8 December 2019

Magical Trinkets

d50 Trinkets
  1. A golden coin that has your face on it, along with the name of the current local ruler. The face changes with the ownership of the coin, and the name with geopolitical location.
  2. A two-handed sword that streak anyone it hits with copious amounts of fake blood, but never deals damage.
  3. A pair of trousers that make you translucent and intangible up to your waist. And yes, you can kick ghosts.
  4. An onyx necklace that turns your shadow large and monstrous. During the night of a new moon, you become a massive monster with a human shadow instead.
  5. A disguise kit which makes anyone it's used on believe that they absolutely cannot be recognized.
  6. A coral ring that makes you grow and shrink with the tides.
  7. A pocket watch that makes you and everything on your person age backwards (at normal rate).
  8. A jester's cap that makes you flip a coin instead of rolling any d20. Heads means critical success, tails means critical failure.
  9. A statuette that turns into a loyal henchman during night. Anything he carries when the morning comes becomes a part of the statuette until the next dusk.
  10. A carnival mask that turns you and everything on your person invisible, except for your skeleton.
  11. An invisible and silent suit of plate mail. It's still quite cumbersome.
  12. A hand mirror that does not reflect the holder. Great for spying what's behind your back.
  13. A shark tooth necklace that makes you treat air as water - you cannot breathe it unless you can breathe water, but can swim through it.
  14. A dried monkey's paw that lets you use a wish at the cost of your life.
  15. Top hat of holding with a rabbit skeleton, a deck of cards and some colourful scarves inside.
  16. A choker that makes your head detachable. If taken off while your head is not on your shoulders, well...
  17. A ruffle shirt that makes everyone believe that you're their very distant relative.
  18. A book that, when you start reading it, transports you 1d6 hours into the future. You can never quite remember what was it about.
  19. A chess board that makes every game end in a draw.
  20. A card deck that makes each person always draw the same card.
  21. A wizard's staff that actually blocks anyone touching it from casting spells.
  22. A teacup that turns anything poured inside into strong acid.
  23. A bear fur cloak that, when worn, makes everyone believe against all evidence that you're a bear.
  24. A doll that, when carried on your person, makes you look like a small child.
  25. A doll that makes anyone who picks it up believe it's their baby.
  26. A lute that makes everyone who would hear it deaf for as long as it's played.
  27. A bedroll that makes you sleep peacefully until morning. Nothing can wake you up as long as you are lying on the bedroll.
  28. A tankard that makes anyone drinking from it dead-drunk after a single gulp, no matter what's inside.
  29. A piece of broken statue. As long as you have it, you can speak, read and write in an ancient, long dead language, but in no other languages.
  30. A pebble that behaves as if it was a boulder.
  31. A set of posh clothes that force everyone to be polite to you. Hostile creatures will still try to kill you, just politely.
  32. A rusted iron ring that makes salt water constantly pour from your mouth.
  33. A matchbox that never runs out of matches.
  34. A sheet of expensive letter paper. If you show it to someone, they will see an invitation to an event you're trying to get to.
  35. A pair of boots. If two different people wear one each, they can swap places no matter the distance.
  36. A potion box of small bottles. Each bottle holds a different weather that can be released from it.
  37. Demon lord in a bottle. Will threaten and demand, but cannot do anything if not released. Very dangerous if released.
  38. A recipe for a cream pie that deals 1d8 acid damage on hit.
  39. A wand that can shoot limitless number of illusory, harmless fireballs.
  40. A bridle that transforms anyone into a horse for as long as they wear it. They retain their intelligence, but cannot speak.
  41. A traveller's cloak. You teleport into a seemingly endless, featureless desert for as long as you wear it.
  42. A loincloth that prevents any negative impact of cold or hot weather if worn as the only piece of clothing.
  43. A helmet that makes the wearer experience zero gravity.
  44. A haunted helmet. As long as you wear it, you loose your normal class and instead become third level Fighter*.
  45. A cloak permanently covered in grease. Waterproof and extremely slippery.
  46. A leather armour that, when worn, shunts your torso to a pocket dimension. Your limbs and head are not affected and behave as if there was not just empty space in between them.
  47. A ring that makes your arm grow gigantic.
  48. A striped shirt that makes everyone think you're an infamous criminal. Bad around guards, good for infiltrating a villainous organization.
  49. A woollen blanket that is completely impenetrable to magic.
  50. An L-space manifestation in the shape of a book. Every time you open it, it's a random different book.

*) Assuming GLOG rules. You might want to bump the level up for other systems.