30 August 2018

d100 GLOG Wizard Schools

Why would you let a player pick what school of magic their wizard studied, when you can have them roll on a neat table instead? Here is the neat table.

From here.

d100+ Schools of Magic

  1. Abjurer
  2. Abnegator*
  3. Adept*
  4. Adipomancer
  5. Alchemist*
  6. Alienist
  7. Allomancer*
  8. Alloy Wizard
  9. Ancient Wizard
  10. Anti Wizard
  11. Arachnomagus 
  12. Arcane Inventor
  13. Arcane Wizard
  14. Astromancer*
  15. Ba-Priest
  16. Baboonist
  17. Banking Wizard 
  18. Bard
  19. Beast of War*
  20. Beeromancer  
  21. Biology Wizard
  22. Biomancer
  23. Black Witch
  24. Blood Aspirant*
  25. Bone Wizard
  26. Book Wizard 
  27. Calcomancer**
  28. Carolingia Mage*
  29. Cat Wizard
  30. Channeller*
  31. Chanter
  32. Chaos Cabalist
  33. Chaos Mage
  34. Cheese Wizard
  35. Chemistry Wizard 
  36. Chromatomancer  
  37. Civic Wizard
  38. Cosmomancer**
  39. Country Wizard
  40. Courser Wizard 
  41. Cthonomancer**
  42. Culinary Wizard
  43. Curse-Eater Wizard  
  44. Dava**
  45. Deep Mage
  46. Demon Blade*
  47. Demonologist*
  48. Densomancer
  49. Diabolist
  50. Diviner Wizard 
  51. Domestic Witch
  52. Dr. Ogudugu's Academy Graduate
  53. Drowned Wizard
  54. Druid
  55. Earthsea Mage*
  56. Eidolon Summoner*
  57. Eldritch Warlock*
  58. Electric Wizard
  59. Electromancer**
  60. Elemental Chaos Sorcerer*
  61. Elementalist Wizard
  62. Elf Wizard
  63. False Elf*
  64. Fey Stalker*
  65. Fey Witch
  66. Figmentalist*
  67. Fleshcrafter
  68. Folk Mage*
  69. Force Wizard
  70. Forge Wizard
  71. Garbage Wizard
  72. Garden Wizard
  73. Geometer Wizard
  74. Goblin Filthomancer 
  75. Golemancer
  76. Golemist*
  77. Guild Mage*
  78. Gun Witch*
  79. Handsome Wizard
  80. Heartless Wizard*
  81. Heleognostic
  82. Hell Knight 
  83. Heptamancer
  84. Herald of the Immaculate Morning
  85. Hermit of the Blood-Knots
  86. Hermit of the Iron Skunk Bear
  87. High Elf*
  88. Hot Springs Wizard 
  89. Humorist
  90. Ice Wizard 
  91. Illusionist Wizard
  92. Industrial Wizard
  93. Invoker*
  94. Iron Wizard of Tolti-Aph
  95. Jellimentalist
  96. Land Warden*
  97. Lenguamancer
  98. Life Mage*
  99. Lighthouse Wizard
  100. Mad Scientist
  101. Magelander*
  102. Mage of the Five Lands*
  103. Magician*
  104. Magos of the Order Goetia*
  105. Magos of the Order Theurgia*
  106. Malachite Wizard
  107. Many Wizards*
  108. Manufactory Wizard*
  109. Mesmerist*
  110. Metamage*
  111. Metamancer**
  112. Metatron*
  113. Miracle-Maker
  114. Moderatus Wizard
  115. Monk
  116. Muscle Wizard**
  117. Narcomancer
  118. Necromancer
  119. Necromonger
  120. Nereid*
  121. Night Hag 
  122. Noise Wizard
  123. Numismagus
  124. Numismancer  
  125. Oathbound*
  126. Oracle Wizard
  127. Orthodox Wizard
  128. Pact Mage
  129. Physics Wizard
  130. Plutocrat Wizard 
  131. Potion Wizard
  132. Practical Necromancer 
  133. Practitioner*
  134. Priestess of Lolth
  135. Prophet 
  136. Psychomancer**
  137. Pyromancer
  138. Qal Ashen Arbiter
  139. Qal Ashen Magus
  140. Qal Ashen Necromancer 
  141. Qal Ashen Sacred One*
  142. Qigong Wizard
  143. Queensman Wizard
  144. Radiomancer
  145. Rathman Necromancer
  146. Reclaimer Wizard
  147. Relic Seeker*
  148. Ring-Bearer*
  149. Root Doctor*
  150. Sacred Alchemist*
  151. Science Wizard
  152. Scion of the First Storm
  153. Sea Mage
  154. Secretist
  155. Seed Wizard
  156. Shadow Wizard
  157. Silk Wizard
  158. Sin Wizard
  159. Skull Wizard
  160. Snake Wizard
  161. Solar Geometer
  162. Somnambulist 
  163. Sorcerer*
  164. Soulcaster of the Elusive Hound
  165. Soul Shaman** 
  166. Speed Wizard
  167. Speleomage
  168. Spell-blooded Prince*
  169. Spellhost*
  170. Spellthief*
  171. Spider Wizard
  172. Stalactomancer
  173. Star Warlock
  174. Summoner
  175. Sun Wizard
  176. Sword Mage
  177. Tea Wizard*
  178. Telemancer
  179. Textile Wizard
  180. Three Primes Wizard
  181. Town Wizard 
  182. Toxinist
  183. Truenamer*
  184. Undergraduate Wizard
  185. Warlock**
  186. War Wizard
  187. Warmind Wizard
  188. White Witch
  189. Winter Witch
  190. Witch Coven*
  191. Witch of the Old Ways
  192. Wizard of the Red Hand
  193. Wizard of the White Hand  
  194. Wonder-Worker*
  195. Wordsmith Wizard
  196. Wrench Wizard
  197. Xeromancer 
From here.

Here are some more wizards or wizard-related classes that are a bit too different from the base wizard class, too weird, a bit under- or overpowered, or a bit incomplete. You should still check them out!
  1. Architect Wizard
  2. Biotech Wizard***
  3. Blacksmoke Sorcerer*
  4. Blessed One*
  5. Botanimancer
  6. Calimarimancer
  7. Carrier
  8. Chainsaw Wizard
  9. Chronomancer 
  10. Cleric
  11. Crusader
  12. Cult*
  13. Door Wizard
  14. Dream Scholar*
  15. Elven Spellsword*
  16. Elven Trickster*
  17. Elven Wanderer*
  18. Entropy Wizard*** 
  19. Exalted*
  20. Fae Warlock
  21. Fake Math Wizard
  22. Fiendish Channeler
  23. Filth Sorcerer
  24. Flex Wizard 
  25. Gastropomancer
  26. Gish*
  27. Graven Wizard
  28. Gun Priest of Kos 
  29. Hackr*
  30. Hair Wizard
  31. Hepticove
  32. Hidden Witch*
  33. Horse Wizard
  34. Hyperspace Wizard*** 
  35. Magic-User*
  36. Manufactory Wizard*
  37. Marrow Wizard*
  38. Martian Robo-Wizard*
  39. Meat Mage
  40. Necroid
  41. Necromancer
  42. NecromΔncer*
  43. Pataphysician
  44. Pornomancer
  45. Preacher (part 2, part 3)*
  46. Priest of Hesaya*
  47. Psion*
  48. Raven Master
  49. Sage*
  50. Sorcerer
  51. Space Witch
  52. Sword Wizard
  53. Tech
  54. Telemancer  
  55. Thaumaturge*
  56. Thaumonaut
  57. Time Wizard
  58. Toxic*
  59. Warlock
  60. WΔrlock*
  61. Weather Witch*
  62. White Mage
  63. WizΔrd (extra spells)*
  64. Woodland Protector
  65. Wuxia Warrior*

Plus several interesting spellcasters can be found here.

Have I missed any wizardly traditions? Tell me and I'll add them. Thanks to everyone who creates the many wonderful classes for GLOG!

From here.

*) These classes have some mechanics that differentiate them from base GLOG wizards, but they are close enough and/or interesting enough to have them here, IMHO.
**)  These classes have somewhat scattered write-ups. Have a look here.
***) These science fantasy wizards use cyber-thaumic implants described here instead of levelling up.


  1. I made a "gish" a while ago, but quite frankly the sword mage posted is just better.

  2. Hey, did someone else write a Truena- oh, that was me. At any rate, I have a Heptamancer out that I'm quite fond of

    1. Your Truenamer is very interesting, I just have no idea how well will it work in play. :)

      I also like the Heptamancer. I will add them to the list.

    2. It's worked spectacularly so far. Having a physical bag at the table makes a big difference. If they can manage two or more words describing an effect, it just happens. If its just one, or its a big effect, then over-/under-shoot as much as you like. The more precise their pseudospell, the better the results.

    3. Neat! BTW, do you have it on your blog? I only found it on GitHub, I cloud link the original blog entry.

    4. http://meanderingbanter.blogspot.com/2018/09/truenamer-v1.html

      Looks like the Github link got moved as well.

  3. Just made a wizard, the garbage wizard.

  4. https://meanderingbanter.blogspot.com/2019/06/narcomancer-beeromancer.html two more for the list!

  5. One more for the list:

  6. Glad you liked the Gun-Witch. This list'll keep me busy for a while.

  7. I made a new school, probably belongs in the second list because of the dice thing?

  8. I wrote what was supposed to be a Raven Wizard but ended up becoming something else. It uses a variation of MD and a slightly reworked system of Mishaps and Dooms, so it probably belongs on the second list.


  9. Another for the second list! Official name is Invoker, but if that would clash, Relicseeker or ____seeker would work

  10. Martian Robo Wizard is now here: https://darkwormcolt.wordpress.com/2019/07/09/martian-robo-wizard-or-spell-robot-glog-class/

    1. Thank thee!

      We're getting closer and closer to 200 wizard schools, now.

  11. Another handful of wizards added, if you know of more, please let me know!

    Also we're now missing only wizard schools starting with the letters K, V, Y and Z to complete the alphabet, so get to it.

  12. And another: https://thenamelessage.blogspot.com/2022/12/glog-class-scion-of-first-storm.html

    It is some kind of lightning/wind wizard sorcerer elementalist with a storm as a heart that uses Storm Dice instead of Magic Dice (which are the same but not really).

  13. Hedge wizard: not a great wizard, not a sage, nor a diabolical pawn in a great game of some sort. He might, if you feed him, show you some tricks, and a few pints make him losen up enough to cast something hint useful (might be helpful in clearing the stump out of the field you have been ignoring!). Don't exp CT much, you won't be disappointed. But, give him a room, a bath, a chance to clean his clothes, and some food (or even a little extra!) and he might actually be useful....disintegrate those holders messing up your field, orthrow some water around, maybe you get a little pond dam you can use to power a grindstone and become rich by building and running a mill!

    Not going to change history, often harboring misc. vermin, but some turn out to be decent folk if you a nice enough to them.