16 August 2018

Frog Princess

I always thought elementals are neglected and unappreciated. We have so many different types of angels and demons and undead - but elementals are just "living" lumps of material. Their only distinguishing feature save for the obvious elemental abilities is their size. Why should every fiery creature be a demon? Make some of them fire elementals!

Elementals are not just matter animated in human shape, they are spirits like angels or fairies, with vast amount of different species. Some are animals, some are civilized people. Some live in the brains of elementalists.

Elementals are to unliving nature what souls are to living creatures. The spiritual part of every rock, river or wind. Unlike souls, they tend not to spend most of their time in their worldly shells. It takes them quite some effort to don and move their real world bodies, and only magical compulsion or great offense will usually make them.

But we're not here for the rant or metaphysics. Let's talk about princesses...

He he he, no.

Gorgeous women with frog heads, walking on water during daybreak and nightfall. Their moves as graceful as a dancing mountain spring. Their voice a calm and beautiful forest brook. The sound of tiny droplets raining from their skin. No dirt or muck could ever stain their beauty.

Unfortunately, there's the smell. They always smell like a murky, decaying pool of water.

Frog princesses are daughters of Hegarra of the Great Swamp, the Frog Queen and lesser elemental dragon of water, the eighth wife of Tethys. They oversee all murky, foul and polluted water. Hegarra is a neglectful mother, bored by the endless and meaningless bickering of her courtiers, unhappy in a marriage that never brought her any attention or affection from her husband, and disinterested in the day-to-day lives of her countless offspring. Frog princesses hate their mother, because it was her who gave them their portfolio and dominion over water no one wants.

Take the head...
by DoctorRat

...and the rest of the body.
Found here.

Being of noble blood (direct descendant of a lesser elemental dragon is quite something) yet lonesome and lacking protection, they are a common target for air elemental assassinations in the Cloud War*. They hate air elementals for all of their many sisters killed, and should you propose an alliance against an air elemental or payment for services in air elemental heads, they will likely gleefully agree.

They hate that most other spirits see them as a lever against their mother, or a path to her good graces. They think everyone lies to them and tries to use them, and unfortunately they are often not wrong. Thus they like to materialize in the real world when they can, as it offers some repose from the constant threat of the War and intrigues of Elemental Courts.

Frog princesses yearn for true love, for unconditional, trusting, dependable, everlasting love, for something they have never known. They hate humans. They think all a man will ever care for is their beautiful appearance, not their true selves. They think that women steal the hearts of men away from them. They hate children the most of all, for all frog princesses are born sterile and looking at a child reminds them of what they cannot ever have. When told what an emotional clusterfuck they are, they will very likely lash out in anger.

They are ill-tempered, vengeful, mistrustful, and romantic to a fault. They also take revenge very seriously, even if it's not their own revenge. Some people write their plights on a piece of paper and sent it as a paper boat on a swamp pool (or at least shout really loudly in a swamp) in hopes of a frog princess taking interest and helping them find their vengeance. So remember, should you make a frog princess fall in love with you, she would die for you. But should you break her heart, she would rather die than see you get away.

Frog princesses avoid direct confrontation, but when forced into one, they lick their foes with their long, frog-like tongues. The saliva of a frog princess is venomous, causing nausea, vomiting, and slow dehydration. Drinking water only worsens the nausea, forcing the poor victims to the floor, vomiting bile and blood. When they manage to poison an enemy or two, they try to escape and let the venom do its work. They sometimes poison the wells or other sources of water, especially when avenging a (real or imagined) slight. They like watching from afar as their enemies slowly die.

Frog princesses normally walk naked, for any clothes will limit their preternaturally agile movement and various transformations. In the presence of humans, though, they tend to use a glamour that grants them illusory clothes, as well as a human face. They can turn into a puddle of water, or a frog. They command frogs, grime and poison. A circle of at least three frog princesses may invoke a ritual which curses a whole village with unending rains, or a plague of frogs.

Lady of the Swamp by Naomi Savoie

Frog princess
HD 3
Def plate (body made of water)
Atk lick for poison (1d4 Con and vomiting), or grapple and drown
Save 8 Morale 5 (10 in love)
Special change shape, glamour
Motivation to brutally avenge all slights, to find true love

Don't believe the cute face!
It's all an illusion!
*) Long story short, water elementals put clouds on the sky and air elementals saw that as an invasion. The resulting war drags on since the Beginning.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I always found Elementals far too sterile, a lump of fire with a face on it is utterly dull, and not worth including in a setting. But you've managed to breathe some life into them, and create something quite interesting. Excellent work, my friend.