27 November 2019

Encounter Critical Blog Ring

Browsing through the Encounter Critical blog ring, I noticed that many blogs linked there are, unfortunately, lost to the ages by now. However, I also found several newer blogs with material for Encounter Critical scattered here and there, so obviously it's time for a brand new...

 ...listing all the functioning blogs and sites I know of.
If you have links to any other sites with EC content, please share them.

I also updated the resource files with a few new finds, such as the terrible and terrific tale of old Vanth, the Eye of Argon.

*) This blog seemed to have been gone for good, but Internet Archive saves the day once again!

26 November 2019

10 Magical Necessities for Wealthy Wizarding Women

My girlfriend decided to think up some magic items that she would definitely need as a sorceress. So here they are, some fashionable trinkets and useful paraphernalia you could find in a boutique of a wizard city or the rooms of an enchantress.
Forest Mage by meago

d10 Accouterments
  1. Chameleon lipstick: Adjustable colour lipstick. Variations on the product include animated lipstick, mood-sensitive lipstick and lipstick of glibness.
  2. Cuddly polymorphic pet: It will purr in your lap as a kitten, then become a pony when you're out in the garden, or a songbird, or anything cute you'd like to pet.
  3. Electroshock umbrella: Protects against rain, unwanted suitors and lack of personal space in crowds. Settings range from "ouch" to "AAARGH". Also very stylish.
  4. Depilation spray: Painless, instant, easy to use.
  5. Grooming fairy: Flits around and casts prestidigitation to keep you perfumed, your hairstyle and make-up tidy, and your dress clean.
  6. Handbag of holding: Frankly, who wouldn't want one? It is embroidered with animate animals.
  7. Infinite chocolate bar: Will regrow from the tiniest speck, but it may take some time, so you cannot just constantly gorge yourself on chocolate.
  8. Mood-balancing bracelet: For that time of the month. *wink wink* *nudge nudge*
  9. Painkiller amulet: Dulls headaches and stomach aches. (Would also prevent pain from a sword wound, though I really hope she won't be going around getting stabbed.)
  10. Pocket dimension toilet: You will need to search for public toilets no more! Your personal restroom is always just a portal away.

By the way, as I'm writing this, my girlfriend is running around the apartment, making animal sounds and playing at the polymorphic pet. And she's aggressively cuddly.
Magic Reindeer by VargasNi

She also says I have to include this:

Displace PMS
R: [dice] x 30'; T: male; D: [sum] days

Any and all inconveniences related to the menstruation cycle are transferred from the caster to the victim.