29 April 2019

On Madness

Here is my take on the insanity rules. I took inspiration from these posts, so I should give credit where credit's due.

From Darkest Dungeon.

Trauma is gained when you loose limbs, friends, or see what no human should. You might gain more than 1 point at once, depending on the circumstances. Every time you gain any Trauma, roll under [Will  - Trauma] or Crack. Critical failure, gaining Trauma equal to Will, or gaining enough Trauma that your Memory overflows (see below) causes permanent Insanity and resets Trauma back to 0. Rolling exactly the target number instead grants you a random Virtue. Each point of Trauma also fills a Memory slot. Insanity does not go to your Memory, and instead is treated as an injury.

A nightly rest may reduce Trauma by 1 if you get drunk, high, laid, or otherwise relieve stress. A week of recuperation in town removes 1d6+WIL Trauma. Insanity cannot be removed by any normal means, but can be alleviated by various potions and therapies.

The Hunger, the Madness, the Crime

d8 Cracks
  1. Abusive: Why aren't they pulling their weight? For 1d6 rounds when an ally fails an action, they take 1 Trauma as you scream obscenities at them.
  2. Blackout: You faint for 1d6 rounds. You can be slapped awake.
  3. Breakdown: You cannot see for tears, nor speak for sudden stutter. Lasts 1d6 rounds.
  4. Fight-or-Flight: For 1d6 rounds, you either viciously attack the source of Trauma, or run away. Your choice.
  5. Hopeless: All is lost. Your despair makes all allies roll with disadvantage for the next round.
  6. Nausea: You gag or vomit for a round, and cannot benefit from Lunch today.
  7. Scream: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! If anyone didn't know you are here, they will now. May provoke a Random Encounter.
  8. Shock: What's happening? Save once per round, until you succeed you can take no actions.

d8 Virtues
  1. Confidence: You will prevail. You deal +1 damage until the end of encounter.
  2. Courage: There is nothing to fear but fear itself. You are immune to fear and Trauma until the end of encounter.
  3. Focused: Suddenly, a moment of inner peace. You have advantage on your next roll.
  4. Inspiring: Your unwavering resolve emboldens your allies. They may all roll a new Save against one of their current afflictions.
  5. Invincible: You must persevere. You postpone all injuries and madness until the end of encounter.
  6. Selfless: You are all in this together. You may redirect an attack from an ally to yourself until the end of encounter.
  7. Stalwart: None shall pass. You cannot be moved, knocked prone or tripped until the end of encounter.
  8. Vigorous: You feel more alive than ever before. Heal 1d6 hp.

Insanity by kiki71

d20 Insanities
  1. Addiction: You need your fix to get through the day. If you don't get your drug, you automatically Crack every time you gain Trauma, in addition to any withdrawal effects.
  2. Amnesia: Roll d20 on your Memory and loose whatever is in the slot you rolled. If you roll an empty slot, that slot is permanently filled with Brain Damage.
  3. Anxiety: Your are a nervous wreck. You take -4 on Saves vs Fear and all fear effects have double duration for you.
  4. Catatonic: You are completely unresponsive until you can be brought back to town and nursed back to your senses over an extended rest.
  5. Delusion: Roll d6: 1) You are the long-lost heir of the throne. 2) You can fly*. 3) You will burn in sunlight. 4) You are of a different race / an animal. 5) You are invincible. 6) All magic is inherently bad. You cannot be convinced otherwise and rationalise any evidence as an illusion, trick, or any barely believable "explanation".
  6. Depression: Every day is a struggle. Roll with disadvantage until the first time you succeed on a roll in a given day.
  7. Hallucinations: The GM might sometimes describe something incorrectly or in a misleading way to you.
  8. Insight: When encountering a thing beyond human comprehension, you have a 50% chance of gaining a useful piece of information, and a 50% chance of trying to claw your eyes out, taking 1d6 damage and blinding yourself for 1d6 rounds.
  9. Minor Compulsion: Once per day when the GM calls for it, you must stop everything else to satisfy your compulsion (wash your hands, count your money, vandalise something). Good roleplaying of the compulsion should prevent the GM from using this at too troublesome times.
  10. Major Compulsion: Once per week when the GM calls for it, you must stop everything else to satisfy your compulsion (kleptomania, necrophilia, cannibalism). Good roleplaying of the compulsion should prevent the GM from using this at too troublesome times.
  11. Nightmares: Save each night or wake up screaming, gaining only half the effects of rest. Alcohol or opiates may grant you serene sleep.
  12. Obsession: You become obsessed with a random person and start following them around. You "love" them. If you don't see them for a day, you automatically Crack every time you gain Trauma.
  13. Paranoia: No one counts as an ally to you. You must Save to accept aid or work in a team.
  14. Phobia: You have a phobia based on what caused this insanity (or roll a random one if this does not make sense). Gain 1 Trauma when you encounter something that triggers your phobia.
  15. Quirks: You have personality quirks. Severe ones. Roll d8: You 1) talk to yourself, 2) laugh wildly and inappropriately, 3) constantly fidget, 4) eat odd substances, 5) mimic those around you, 6) have irritating tics, 7) stutter, 8) suffer tremors. You take a penalty to Reaction rolls and social checks equal to current Trauma.
  16. Sadism: You are brutal and violent. Every time you kill a creature, everyone in sight takes 1 Trauma as you revel in the suffering.
  17. Schizophrenia: Make a new character sheet with a different class, but the same name, race, attributes etc. Each session, alternate between these two character sheets.
  18. Self-Mutilation: Every time you would take Trauma, you can instead take 1d6 damage. If you take no damage for a whole day, you must hurt yourself for 1d6 damage. You are covered in scars.
  19. Submission: You are seriously aroused by being ordered around. You must Save not to follow a command and may want to seek out someone who will abuse you and treat you like their slave.
  20. Veracity: Every time you deliberately lie, Save or faint.

*) If you actually can, then you believe you cannot.

24 April 2019


There were several posts about various GLOG hacks lately and it prompted me to finally do something with my personal GLOG, too. This is less of a hack and more of a compilation of GLOG rules into as compact form as possible. At two pages in length, miniGLOG can be read by the players in a minute and provides a quick reference for all the basic rules.

A table of races, backgrounds and classes is not provided for now, but you all have your own anyway. A table of bonus Perks is coming soonTM, but in the meantime you could use this.

From here.

There are, of course, places where I strayed from vanilla GLOG, but two differences are the most glaring:

I always had a little bit of a problem with the mental attributes of D&D, or specifically with Intelligence and Wisdom. Charisma was saved by the grace of tying luck to it (the implications are just great, I like Charisma now), but Intelligence score on a character sheet just restricts the players too much as they try to conform their play to the supposed cleverness of their character, and Wisdom makes no sense at all, mashing together common sense, willpower and perception. Tradition does not justify them in my eyes.

Therefore, I replaced Intelligence with Acumen, which covers your quick wits and perception, working basically as mental Dexterity, and Wisdom with Will, which is mental Constitution, representing determination and sanity. Players will hopefully no longer feel the need to act stupid if they roll low mental stats, and I feel better.

Dexterity was nerfed a bit, too. It had way too many uses and bonuses.

Saves and Checks
I dislike separate Save score. Instead I stole scaled attribute checks from EMO, so Saves and checks are equal and you always roll under an appropriate attribute, with Charisma representing pure luck rolls. The conundrum of skills is thus also resolved, making them a binary bonus in the check scaling. Simple, flexible, easy, nice.

Most derived stats are gone, actually. I see no need for Stealth stat when I can call for an easy or hard Dexterity check, based on circumstances. The same goes for Movement and Initiative. Bonuses to a specific Save or check still work normally, becoming an ability on your sheet.

Oh, and my memory slot rule is incorporated, so skills will take up some space.

17 April 2019

Kaboom: d20 Grenades

I like grenades. They are like sci-fi fireball, but with the added benefit of being consumable - and consumable items make great treasure, because the players will never stop being excited about finding more.

Anyway, here are some grenades.

d20 Grenades
  1. Fragmentation grenade: Deals 3d6 slashing damage in 3 m radius, plus Save or bleed for 1d6 turns.
  2. Incendiary grenade: Deals 3d6 fire damage in 3 m radius, plus Save or catch aflame.
  3. Flashbang grenade: Deals 2d6 sonic damage in 3 m radius, plus Save vs blind and deaf for 1d6 turns.
  4. High-explosive grenade: Deals 4d6 blast damage in 10 m radius.
  5. Antimatter grenade: Deals 4d10 blast damage in 3 m radius.
  6. Resonance grenade: Deals 3d6 sonic damage in 3 m radius. All fragile objects are shattered.
  7. EMP grenade: Deals 3d8 damage to all electronics in 10 m radius.
  8. Psionic grenade: Deals 3d6 psychic damage in 3 m radius, of 3d8 to psionic creatures.
  9. Implosion grenade: Targets in 3 m radius are violently pushed together, taking 3d6 crushing damage.
  10. Phase shift grenade: Targets in 3 m radius are shunted to an adjoining dimension.
  11. Goo grenade: Fills 3 m radius with sticky, quick-hardening foam. Save vs Strength is required to break free.
  12. Smoke grenade: Fills 10 m radius with thick smoke. Makes sight and breathing difficult.
  13. Laughing gas grenade: Fills 10 m radius. Save vs stun for 2d6 turns.
  14. Tear gas grenade: Fills 10 m radius. Save vs blindness for 2d6 turns.
  15. Sleeping gas grenade: Fills 10 m radius. Save vs sleep for 2d6 minutes.
  16. Normality gas grenade: Fills 10 m radius. Psychic powers and extradimensional occurrences are blocked in the gas.
  17. Pesticide gas grenade: Fills 10 m radius. Plants, fungi and vermin take 1d6 damage per turn in the gas.
  18. Caustic gas grenade: Fills 10 m radius. Creatures and structures take 1d6 acid damage per turn in the gas.
  19. Coolant gas grenade: Fills 10 m radius. Creatures take 1d6 cold damage per turn in the gas. Water is frozen.
  20. Neurotoxic gas grenade: Fills 10 m radius. Living creatures take 1d4 Intelligence damage per turn in the gas.

Thrown range of a grenade is 15 metres, while with a grenade launcher, it can be shot as far as 150 metres.

Gas in open areas is generally dispersed by wind within 10 minutes.

11 April 2019

d101 Sci-Fi Gadgets

I was looking for some "wondrous items" table for a sci-fi OSR campaign, but could not find any. There seems to be a pressing lack of d100 sci-fi treasures or post-apocalyptic loot tables. So I made such a table. :)

Here are d101 tools, gadgets and curios that your players can have fun with. They are fairly system-neutral, just replace Energy with whatever source of power your rules use. Note that while these items could work in any sci-fi setting, they are intended for a post-apocalyptic or gritty game where high tech is scarce. It's more interesting to find a single gadget in a lost bunker on the corpse of a survivor than to order a cartful of them on eBay.

This list contains no weapons, armour, implants or vehicles, as those will come in later posts.

This is exactly where you should find some gadgets.
From here.

d101 Gadgets
  1. Superconductor spray: This can contains room-temperature superconductor nanopaint. Your science projects were never so easy!
  2. Cleverpaint spray: This can contains nanopaint with adjustable colour. You could even create an animated graffiti.
  3. Vantablack spray: This can contains a supremely black nanopaint that completely absorbs visible light (including lasers).
  4. Durafoam spray: This can contains a pressurised liquid that hardens into concrete-like foam when exposed to air. There is enough for 1d6 cubic metres of durafoam.
  5. Medigel spray: This can contains first aid nanogel used to treat severe injuries. While it cannot repair the damage done, it will clean and seal the wound, relieve pain and prevent infection. Each application removes a Fatal Wound, but you still need to see a doctor afterwards. Contains 1d6 doses.
  6. Nanowelder spray: This can contains nanites programmed to unite the matter of two touching objects at molecular level, inseparably welding them together. Contains 1d6 doses.
  7. Psychic printer: You can print anything you picture in your mind. Takes 1 Energy per page.
  8. Glowing floatsphere: Conveniently requires no hands to hold, floating nearby you at all times. Takes 1 Energy per exploration turn.
  9. Decoy floatsphere: Outfitted with a holoprojector and several recordings of very annoying people, it may be sent to distract your enemies. Takes 1 Energy per minute.
  10. Cloaking floatsphere: An inbuilt perception filter diverts attention away from anything within 3 metres from this floatsphere. Takes 1 Energy per minute.
  11. Chameleon cloak: Reactive camouflage of this cloak will render you nigh-invisible as long as you remain still. Takes 1 Energy per minute.
  12. Holomask: It allows you to superimpose any uploaded face over your own. Normally used along with polymorphic synth-hair and a voice modulator, though today such complete set could be found maybe in a tomb of a pre-Turn actor.
  13. Bio-scanner: Any organic life within 50 m will be instantly reported. Takes 1 Energy per exploration turn, but can be overloaded to take 2 Energy, increase its range to 100 m and burn up with 1-in-6 chance.
  14. Cyberscanner: Any cybertech within 50 m will be instantly reported. Takes 1 Energy per exploration turn, but can be overloaded to take 2 Energy, increase its range to 100 m and burn up with 1-in-6 chance.
  15. Structural scanner: Reveals your surroundings within 50 m. Takes 1 Energy per exploration turn, but can be overloaded to take 2 Energy, increase its range to 100 m and burn up with 1-in-6 chance.
  16. Psi-scanner: Reveals the use of any psychic powers within 50 m. Takes 1 Energy per exploration turn, but can be overloaded to take 2 Energy, reveal psychic potential rather than active use of powers, and burn up with 1-in-6 chance.
  17. Motion sensor pack: Alarm system was never so easy to set up as with this pack of subtle motion sensors.
  18. Malware databank: This databank contains a massive selection of malware, an arsenal powerful enough to win a virtual war.
  19. Hypnoloop clip: This databank contains a video of strange colour patterns. Anyone exposed to it must Save or be unable to look away. A vigorous slap or any danger will break the fascination.
  20. Subliminal music: This databank contains a recording that causes heightened suggestibility. A victim will treat anything as a suggestion, up until the first successful Save.
  21. Mindstate disc: A person's whole mind is saved on this databank. It could easily be uploaded into a clone or android.
  22. Datasphere archive: This databank contains all non-classified information you could ever need, but searching it will take a long time. Once per day, you may roll an Intelligence check to find the information you were searching for. Also half of it is filled with porn.
  23. Phase-gate bracelet: Any living tissue put through this bracelet is phased into an adjoining dimension. The limb on which the bracelet is worn becomes invisible and intangible, only capable of interacting with the target dimension. Takes 1 Energy per minute.
  24. Autodoc bracelet: Strapped over the veins of your wrist, this bracelet can be loaded with any chemical and intravenously deliver it to your bloodstream as a free action.
  25. Diagnostic bracelet: Continuously monitors your physical and mental well-being, overall health, and any detrimental conditions. Especially effective when linked to an autodoc bracelet.
  26. Transmat bracelet: Rare and powerful gadget capable of teleporting the wearer up to 10 metres to any space they can see. Takes 5 Energy per activation.
  27. Chemlight: Two small vials that burn with extremely bright light when their contents are mixed.
  28. Morpheus pill: Makes you sleep hard and fast. You will fall asleep for one hour after taking this pill, awakening with all effects of a full night of rest. Nothing can wake you for that hour. One Morpheus bottle contains 1d10 pills.
  29. Retcon pill: Ingested removes the past day of memories. One Retcon bottle contains 1d10 pills.
  30. Nutritab: A single pill has the same nutritional and caloric value as a whole ration. One bottle of nutritabs contains 1d10 pills.
  31. Inoculation injector: Multiple types of this injector exist, each making you immune against a specific disease.
  32. Pheromone injector: For 1d6 hours after you inject this serum, you have advantage at all social interactions.
  33. Adrenaline injector: This serum forces you into a murderous rage. For 1d6+1 rounds, you have +1 to hit and damage, are immune to pain and fear, and cannot do anything calm, curative or overly tactical.
  34. Mutagen injector: Roll for a random mutation here.
  35. Anodyne injector: A syringe of nanites that permanently block all pain by restructuring your nervous system.
  36. Truth serum injector: This drug makes the recipient very talkative and incapable of lying for an hour.
  37. Sedative injector: This medication suppresses aggression. Even highly hostile creature will be reduced to evil glares if you manage to inject them. The effect wears off in 10 minutes. Overdose causes deep sleep, coma, and death.
  38. Anxiolytic injector: This medication alleviates mental trauma. It will suppress any insanity and prevent Cracking for 1d6 hours.
  39. Eugeroic injector: This drug suppresses the effects of Fatigue and sleep deprivation for a whole day.
  40. Antidote injector: A dose of nanites in this syringe will filter your blood, removing any toxins currently affecting you.
  41. Antirad injector: This drug fortifies your body against radiation, making you immune to ambient radiation for 1d6 hours. It cannot cure damage already done, nor is it powerful enough to block concentrated radiation (such as gamma ray blasts).
  42. Coagulant injector: This medication stimulates platelet growth and bonding, instantly stopping blood loss and creating scar tissue much faster than usual. Healthy person must Save vs stroke when injected.
  43. Stimulant injector: This medication bolsters the body, healing 1d6+1 hp.
  44. Steroid injector: This medication boosts the body, allowing you to treat your Strength as 20 for 1 round.
  45. Brainiac injector: This medication boosts the mind, enhancing your psionic powers for 1d6 minutes.
  46. Inhibitor injector: This drug prevents the use of psionic powers for 1d6 hours.
  47. Mnestic injector: This drug enhances your power of recall to inhuman levels and prevents any memory tampering or amnesia for 1d6 hours.
  48. Antimatter capsule: It's supposed to be used as a fuel in a reactor, but it could easily be rigged into a bomb.
  49. Barrel: Roll d10 for the contents: 1) liquid nitrogen, 2) petrol, 3) hydrofluoric acid, 4) mustard gas, 5) dark matter, 6) non-perishable rations, 7) radioactive waste, 8) a zombie, 9) pink hyper-bouncy gel, 10) melange.
  50. Paradeflector: Anyone wearing this piece of psi-tech becomes immune to telekinetic powers. Takes 1 Energy per deflected attack.
  51. Telepathic relay: When you are subjected to a telepathic power, you affect the psion by their rebound power. (For example, a telepath tries to read your mind, but thanks to your relay, you may read their mind in return.) Takes 1 Energy per activation and normally comes integrated into a helmet or other headgear.
  52. Video scrambler: Anyone wearing this tiny device becomes invisible to droids and video surveillance. Takes 1 Energy per minute.
  53. Ocular scrambler: Anyone wearing this tiny device becomes invisible to biological creatures. Takes 1 Energy per minute.
  54. Sensor scrambler: Anyone wearing this tiny device becomes invisible to scanners and detectors. Takes 1 Energy per minute.
  55. Psionic scrambler: Anyone wearing this tiny device becomes invisible to telepathic powers. Takes 1 Energy per minute.
  56. E-tex shawl: Made of smartcloth that can be toggled to take on steel-like hardness in whatever shape it currently has. Takes 1 Energy per minute of being hardened.
  57. Omnidress: This choker can project a hardlight clothing of any kind. It can even imitate armour or spacesuit, though it offers none of their benefits. As an added bonus, turning it off and on again will remove any tears and stains. Takes 1 Energy per hour.
  58. Grey goo ampule: These nanites are programmed for a specific target (be that an object or a person). On contact, the nanites proceed to break the target down into dust in seconds.
  59. Cyberbug: The sensitive microphones of this cockroach-sized droid can be linked to your comm. Eavesdropping was never that easy. Takes 1 Energy per minute.
  60. Stasis container: Anything placed inside will enter stasis, but it cannot hold anything larger than a head. Takes 1 Energy per day.
  61. Rebreather: This mouth-mask filters oxygen out of water, allowing you to dive with no need for an oxygen tank.
  62. Filter mask: This full face mask cleanses the air to prevent toxic atmosphere, dust storms, combat gases or nanite swarms from harming your lungs.
  63. Blast glove: A pulse emitter is set into the palm of this glove. Activating it sends out a blast of force that sends your foe sprawling 10 metres backwards. Takes 1 Energy per shot.
  64. Resonance glove: The ultrasonic emitter set into the palm of this glove can shatter any glass (be it bulletproof, plexi-, cyber- or otherwise) with a touch. Takes 1 Energy per activation.
  65. Second skin gloves: A pair of pseudoskin gloves with configurable finger prints.
  66. Hologloves: They allow easy interaction with non-hardlight holograms. Takes 1 Energy per exploration turn.
  67. Parachute: Sometimes you fall from a very high place and don't want to go splat.
  68. Hoverboard: Antigrav propulsors hold this board about ten centimetres off the ground. It's great fun to ride, but never forget that it cannot truly fly. Takes 1 Energy per minute.
  69. Gravitron harness: Your personal gravity field can be adjusted to your preferences. Walk on walls, jump like on the moon. Takes 1 Energy per minute.
  70. Inertial boots: The inertial dampeners in these boots safely absorb impacts from high falls, letting you land lightly even if you jump off a cliff. For every dice of falling damage, they drain 1 Energy.
  71. Universal translator: Capable of simultaneous translation between all know languages. Takes 1 Energy per exploration round.
  72. Emergency stasis field: Personal safety device that will envelop you in a stasis field should your life be threatened. Unfortunately it requires external deactivation, so you could be frozen for quite some time. Becomes inoperable on deactivation with 50% chance.
  73. Geiger counter: Readings of ambient radiation come in handy in post-apocalyptic wasteland.
  74. Grappling gun: Comes with 10 metres of high tensile rope, anchor capable of embedding itself into concrete, and automatic reeling system.
  75. Net gun: Can shoot a sturdy plasteel net with range of 10 metres. Comes with 1d6 cartridges.
  76. Tractor beam gun: Can exert powerful attractive force out to range of 10 metres. Takes 1 Energy per round.
  77. Water purifier: Intelligent nanofilters remove all harmful substances and impurities from the water.
  78. Portable solar panel: Generates 1 Energy per hour on a sunny day.
  79. Cyanide cigarette: Smoking this cigarette forces you to Save or die.
  80. Marijuana joint: Smoking it removes 1d6 Trauma.
  81. Spool of monomolecular wire: As strong as a heavy-duty plasteel cord, and extremely sharp.
  82. Indestructible briefcase: Manufactured with a long-forgotten technology, this briefcase resists plasma blasts, psionic disruption, antimatter annihilation and nuclear explosions with ease.
  83. Manifold briefcase: Extradimensional technology extends the interior of this briefcase, granting it inner volume of 1d12 cubic metres. Yes, it's bigger on the inside.
  84. Beacon dart: This dart injects a minuscule hypertransmitter into the bloodstream, making the tracking of your prey easy even from light years away.
  85. Code cracker: This palm-sized cube contains one of the most powerful quantum supercomputers ever built. It can break through any password, access code or cypher in seconds (2-in-6 chance of success per round). Takes 1 Energy per round.
  86. Automatic locksmith: Sometimes you find one of those old mechanical locks and need to open it in a hurry. This gadget will do just that (2-in-6 chance of success per round). Takes 1 Energy per round.
  87. Injection ring: Inconspicuous ring with a hidden analgesic needle, usually used to deliver toxins or nanites with a handshake.
  88. Sound damper: This vibration suppressor weakens sound waves within 10 meters, making loud noises muffled and quiet noises silent. Takes 1 Energy per minute.
  89. Supermagnet: This extremely strong electromagnet takes 1 Energy per round of activation.
  90. Bulletproof umbrella: Grants +1 Defense. Also resistant to acid rain.
  91. Microcamera: Wide-angle CCTV camera the size of a dust mote, live-feeding to your comm. Takes 1 Energy per hour.
  92. Remote detonator: This device will trigger and detonate explosives of all kinds within 10 metres. Takes 1 Energy per activation.
  93. Antigrav thruster: Generates a short but very strong upward thrust when activated. Takes 3 Energy per activation.
  94. Tactical peril-visor: Inbuilt AI evaluates danger and highlights risks. The goggles grant advantage at spotting enemies, concealed weapons and traps.
  95. Cyberblindfold: Removing your eyesight, this device allows you to see dataflows and energy streams instead.
  96. Smartglasses: Roll d10 twice for the settings on this pair of glasses: 1) infrared vision, 2) ultraviolet vision, 3) night vision, 4) powerful zoom, 5) microscope magnification, 6) light-adaptive lenses (protect from flashes and bright light), 7) polarised lenses (remove reflections from glass or water), 8) inbuilt camera, 9) x-ray vision, 10) augmented reality (including compass, navigation, digital clock, etc.), 11) commlink, 12) targeting assistant (+1 to ranged Attack).
  97. Overseer helmet: Wearing this helm obscures you normal vision, but allows you to control and see from the cameras of a small drone. Takes 2 Energy per minute.
  98. Emergency jacket: Can inflate an air-tight sphere of reinforced nanofiber around the user.
  99. Olfactolocator: This mask covers the mouth and nose, and greatly amplifies ambient odours. It grants you a sense of smell on par with a scent hound. 
  100. Wrist comm: A communicator bracelet with a holographic interface.
  101. Tachycomm: An unwieldy, experimental communicator. Unlike regular communication (and travel), it is not limited by the speed of light, allowing instant transmission over intergalactic distances.

From here.


"Please, you know me better than anyone!"

"No, she's not real! Help me!"

I stared at the two identical blondes grappling before me. Shifting my sweaty grip on the gun, I prayed I was right and shot the left one - Bang! Bang! Bang! - twice in the chest and once in the head. The body hit the floor and quickly lost its humanity, dissolving into a puddle of white goo.

"Thanks god," I breathed in relief. "That was the last one. It's over."

Kate smiled and reached for me, easily crushing my hand along with the gun. Her features melted into the faceless visage of a Duplicate.

"Yeah, it's over. But you are the last one, love." she said as I lost consciousness.

This should have been a post about roleplaying, but I've written this tiny story above and then forgot to make any notes on what the rest of the post should be about. Oh well...