18 February 2019

Store That Thought

Similarly to how inventory works, you have a number of memory slots equal to your Intelligence score. Spells, skills and languages take 1 memory slot each. Martial arts also require memory slots to learn. In addition, you can store various memories you wish to retain in your slots. For example, you could store a map you've seen so that you can perfectly recall it, or the details of a room you've just run through, or a password you overheard and need to know. Even whole books could be stored in you memory, but they will take multiple slots.

Additionally, Trauma is stored in your memory, too, 1 Trauma per slot. And just like physically exhausting activities give you Fatigue that clogs up your inventory, emotionally or mentally exhausting activities may give you Baggage, each taking up 1 memory slot. Baggage can be removed by crying a lot, eating chocolate or getting drunk, though only once per day.

Your memory cannot be encumbered in the same way as you inventory. Instead, when you have excess stuff stored in your memory, roll d20 once per day. Your weary mind lets go of whatever is stored in the slot you just rolled. This way you may get rid of Trauma easily - or you will release a spell, or forget a skill.

Spell slots are gone, so this boosts memorization of spells a bit, but then all your spells will now compete for the space in your brain with other useful things.

There are also rules for the players taking a glance at a treasure map as they are being dragged out of a room by thugs now. :)


  1. This is an elegant little system. I'll be sure to try it out in the future. I also like how it incorporates skills, Trauma/Insanity Points, and spells slots also into one system. It's sublime, at least in concept. It might be clunky to use in play, but as of now, I can see great potential in it.

  2. Great little hack. Totally stealing it.