8 July 2018

Class: Winter Witch

Most people don't understand winter. It's the time of calm, of sleep and dreams, of death and rebirth. Unfortunately, everyone seems to be focused on the "death" part. Everyone except for some wizards and witches, who found the beauty of winter and celebrate it with their craft.

There are also those winter witches and ice wizards who are misanthropic and psychopathic to live on forgotten mountains, call down blizzards on travellers and curse kingdoms with eternal winter. They give a bad name to their magic school, but the bad name sticks.

Everyone enjoys a nice cup of hot tea.
You are an Outlaw.

Perks & Flaws:

You are immune to cold weather, exposure and hypothermia; plus take half cold damage.

Every time you prepare your spells, Save. If you fail, your powers manifest in some not necessarily harmful, but definitely obvious way. Temperature will drop and small fires will be snuffed out, icicles will grow on nearby objects and everything will be coated in rime.


  1. You can cover a square foot with rime or freeze a cup of water with a touch.
  2. You can snuff out small flames with a flick of your wrist.
  3. With concentration, you can move on the surface of snow without sinking or on ice without slipping.
When all you have is ice...

Spell List:

1. Ring of Frost
R: [dice] x 10' radius; T: area; D: 3 rounds

All creatures around you take 1d4 damage, Save for half. Calm water will be frozen into a brittle bridge.

Everything that fails its Save is frozen to whatever surface they were touching. Boots are frozen to the ground, keys are frozen in their locks. Creatures are usually immobilised from the feet down unless they were in deeper water. Attempting to break loose is an opposed Strength check. The ice has a Strength of 10 + ([dice] x 2).

2. Throw Icicle
R: 100'; T: creature; D: 0

You conjure an icicle and hurl it at the target. The target takes [sum] + [dice] damage (half piercing, half cold), no Save.

3. Conjure Ice
R: 50'; T: surface; D: [dice] x 2 rounds

You cover up to [sum] map squares or hexes with a thick layer of ice. Creatures attempting any action in the affected areas must Save vs Dex or fall prone.

4. Hibernation
R: 50'; T: creature; D: 10 minutes

Target falls into a magical slumber and can't be woken by anything less vigorous than a slap (a standard action). Non-alert, unaware targets are not allowed a Save. While asleep, target appears very pale, with bluish lips, cold skin and no visible breath.

Can affect creatures up to [sum] HD and if [sum] is at least 4 times the target's HD, the duration becomes permanent (until woken) and the creature no longer needs to eat or drink while sleeping. With 3+ [dice], the duration also becomes permanent and you can set the only condition that will cause the target to awake (the sunrise before the apocalypse, true love’s kiss, etc.).

5. Preserve
R: touch; T: [dice] objects; D: [sum] hours

You chill food or a corpse to preserve them, encasing them in a thin layer of ice. In high temperatures the duration of the spell is halved, while in cold environment it becomes permanent.

6. Obscuring Snow
R: [dice] x 10' radius; T: area; D: [sum] minutes

You freeze the water vapours in air, creating heavy snowfall in a radius around yourself. Everything in the snowfall is obscured and even after the spell ends, it leaves behind [dice]" of snow. Any creature moving through the snowfall has its movement speed cut in half.

7. Ice Spikes
R: 0; T: your hand; D: 1 minute

You conjure [dice] spikes of ice in your hand. Each can be used in normal melee or thrown Attack, dealing [sum] damage on hit and always shattering.

8. Frostbite
R: touch; T: creature; D: 0

Target takes [sum] Dex damage, Save for half and cold resistance negates. If this spell brings the target to 0 Dex, they are frozen solid.

9. Shape Ice
R: touch; T: ice or snow; D: concentration

You can shape ice as easily as clay.

At 1 [dice], you can only roughly bend and twist the ice, or easily plough through snow. At 2 [dice], you can craft elaborate objects out of ice, though they will be very brittle. At 3 [dice], you may enhance the properties of objects you shape. For example, a sword or a plate mail made of ice can be used as if they were iron, or a gown of snow will not fall apart. However, your creations are no more resistant to thawing than normal ice. At 4 [dice], your creations will be resistant to heat (prolonged exposure to fire will still melt them, though).

10. Wall of Ice
R: 20'; T: wall; D: permanent

You conjure a wall of ice, one 10' x 10' x 2' panel per [die]. It has [dice] x 2 HD and you can mold, shape and twist it to your liking. If it is horizontal, the wall must be anchored on at least two sides. With more [dice], you get more control over the shape of your walls.

This is a very appropriate use for your walls of ice.

11. Simulacrum
R: 0; T: self; D: [sum] hours

You fall unconscious and possess a clone of yours that forms from the nearby ice and snow. The simulacrum has [dice] HD and all other stats as you, but it has none of your equipment or magical abilities. Once the duration of the spell expires or the simulacrum reaches 0 hp, you return to your body. However, if the simulacrum was destroyed, Save or permanently loose 1 Wis from the shock of "dying". The simulacrum is vulnerable to thawing.

12. Blizzard
R: [dice] miles radius; T: area; D: [sum] hours

You summon a great blizzard. Temperature plummets, winds start to blow, snowfall smothers everything. With more [dice], the weather becomes even more extreme.

Who said that white is compulsory?
by SirTiefling

  1. Your MD only return on a 1-2 for 24 hours.
  2. You freeze to the ground and cannot move for 1d6 rounds.
  3. Random mutation for 1d6 rounds, then Save. Permanent if you fail. Ice- or winter-related mutations are preferable.
  4. Save vs Fear any time you come near a fire larger than a candle for the next 24 hours.
  5. You fall into a death-like sleep (as Hibernation) for 24 hours.
  6. Cold and sleet erupt around you. All fires within 50' are extinguished and everything is covered with ice and snow.
  1. You turn pale, with bluish lips and misty breath. Your skin is very cold. You cannot get warm and feel very uncomfortable near fire.
  2. Temperature near you drops and bonfires or smaller flames are extinguished. Your touch coats everything with rime. When you stay at one place for a while, the weather slowly becomes more cold and cloudy.
  3. You transform into a frost wraith or a similar appropriate NPC.
The last doom can be avoided by marrying a fire elemental or drinking a potion brewed from the ashes of a phoenix.

Your second doom can be quite bothersome for your party, because camping with you means no fire and sleeping in cold no matter where you are.

As I said, immune to exposure.
by Porch3s

  • Changed the third cantrip to something more appropriate.
  • Reworked Ice Spikes a bit.
  • Removed and replaced the following spell, because it wasn't very interesting:
Cone of Cold
R: [dice] x 5' cone; T: area; D: 0

Does [sum] cold damage to everything in the cone, Save for half. Also extinguishes all fires smaller than a bonfire.

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