4 July 2018

Class: Sea Sorcerer

I have just returned from a holiday by the Mediterranean, so here is a GLOG wizard class I've been sitting on for a while.

They live by the shore, some reclusive hermits, some a boon to the community, attracting fish for the fishermen and saving drowning children. They are beautiful and generous, terrible and merciless, just like the sea.

There are actually more sea sorceresses then sorcerers. They are unfortunately also more likely to be called hags and burned at the stake.

Sump sorcerers live in the Veins, commanding the underground rivers and lakes instead of the sea. They are most common among the Olm, but unlike speleomages, they have no colleges, only the rare master and a handful of apprentices.

by Daniel Eskridge

You are an Outsider.

Starting Skill: (d4) 1. Fishing, 2. Sailing, 3. Diving, 4. Piracy.

Alternately, you may start as a sump sorcerer of the Veins, getting Spelunking skill.

Starting Items: You get clothing appropriate for sea travel rather than the normal robes.

Perks & Flaws:

You can drink salt water or murky water normally. You also suffer no negative consequences from being wet.

You may not touch alcohol.

Water spirits despise alcohol. Not only you cannot drink alcohol, but someone accidentally spilling her wine over you will ruin your day. Also, your spells will not affect alcohol-laced water or drunk creatures.


  1. You may change a cup of salt water into fresh water with a touch, or vice versa.
  2. You always know the direction to the nearest body of water. Bucket is not large enough for this cantrip, but a well is.
  3. You may change the colour or taste of no more than 100 litres of water for 10 minutes.

A bit like this. Source forgotten.

Spell List:

1. Friend to Fish
R: varies; T: creature; D: [sum] minutes

Pick [dice] options from the following:

  • Speak with fish - Touched creature can understand and speak to fish, fish men and deep ones.
  • Summon fish - The nearest fish of a species you specify (or a school of tiny fish) will try to get as close to you as possible until the duration of the spell expires.
  • Charm fish - Target fish regards you as a good friend and ignores the obvious spell you just cast on them.
  • Expand - Affect one more creature. Can be picked multiple times.
  • Extend - Change duration to hours. Can be picked twice to make duration permanent.

Note that you target a single creature unless you pick the option for more. Thus, casting Speak with fish and Summon fish together will make the summoned fish able to speak with fish, not you.

Summon fish and Charm fish may also affect fish men and deep ones.

2. Deep Gift
R: touch; T: creature; D: [sum] minutes

Pick [dice] options from the following:
  • Gills - Target can breathe underwater, but cannot breathe air.
  • Webbed limbs - Target gains swim speed equal to normal land speed, plus advantage on swim checks. However, their land speed is halved.
  • Water adaptation - Target does not suffer penalties for fighting underwater.
  • Expand - Affect one more creature. Can picked multiple times.
  • Extend - Change duration to hours. Can be picked twice to make duration permanent.

3. Shape Water
R: 50'; T: water; D: concentration

You may control a small amount of water. This spell requires some water to work with and some effects cannot be used on things that aren't in water.

At one [die], you can (a) propel a tiny boat, (b) carry a small item through the water, (c) allow someone to swim at double speed, (d) force someone to swim at half speed, (e) splash something near water, or (f) dry something that is wet. Each [dice] you invest increases these effects.

Alternately, you may form a water jet or throw a glob of water no farther than [dice] x 10', dealing [sum] damage, no Save.

Alternately, target creature or object is pulled underwater by a small whirlpool. Target is immobilized until they can win an opposed Strength check vs [sum], plus they may drown.

4. Fog
R: self; T: area; D: [dice] hours

Breath out fog, obscuring everything in [dice] x 10' radius around you. Wind dissipates the fog in 10 minutes. If you concentrate, you can move the fog [sum]' per round.

5. Water to Mucus
R: 50'; T: area; D: [sum] rounds

At a point you designate, a sphere of water [dice] x 10' in radius transforms into a sticky mucus. Creatures caught or attempting to move through must Save vs Str, plus the mucus drowns even water-breathing creatures. Potions and water elementals are rendered inert until the spell expires.

6. Water Knife
R: 0; T: self; D: [sum] rounds

While in water, your unarmed attacks get +[dice] to hit, deal 1d6 + Str mod damage and suffer no penalties for fighting underwater.

7. Walk on Water
R: 0; T: self; D: concentration

You can walk on the surface of water. With 2+ [dice], your normal movement is also increased times [dice] (eg. double movement with 2 [dice]), but only over water.

8. Control Wind
R: 50'; T: air; D: concentration

Control a gust of wind within range. At one [die], use wind to (a) clear away fog or gas, (b) extinguish a fire no larger than a torch, (c) blow all the papers off a desk, (d) provide enough of a breeze to power a tiny sailboat. Each [dice] you invest increases the effects.

9. Control Temperature
R: 50'; T: water; D: concentration

Change temperature of water within range. At one [die], you may freeze a bucket of water, or heat up a cup of tea. Each [dice] you invest increases these effects, until at 4+ [dice], you may instantly freeze walls of ice or boil creatures alive, using the water in their bodies (the creatures take [sum] fire damage, no Save).

10. Control Weather
R: [dice] miles radius; T: area; D: [sum] hours

You control the weather around you, calming storms, changing winds to more favourable strength and direction, summoning fog or calling rain for drinkable water. The speed of weather changes and the extremes of weather you can bring about increase with more [dice].

11. Water Form
R: 0; T: self; D: varies

You transform into a puddle of water. You can flow at your normal land speed, or swim at triple speed. You retain your full senses and are nearly imperceptible in water, but may not perform any action a puddle of water could not. You are also immune to most types of damage and can pass through even the most tiny of cracks.

If frozen, you fall unconscious and the duration of the spell is suspended until you thaw. If ingested, you may attempt to drown the creature.

The spell duration is [sum] rounds at 1 [die], minutes at 2 [dice], hours at 3 [dice], or permanent until dismissed at 4 [dice].

12. Speak with Sea
R: 0; T: self; D: 10 minutes

You must cast this spell while on the sea or the seashore. You may ask [dice] questions about some topic and the sea will answer. More castings that try to glean further information about a topic already answered will be met with annoyed silence.

The sea is old and wise and inscrutable and somewhat cryptic. It knows about everything that happened upon or below its waves. It knows about anything that happened near a river. It heard rumours about all that was touched by rain. It can reveal much about sunken civilizations, lost treasures and dead gods sleeping deep below. So be respectful and never cross the mighty sea.

by afuliu


  1. Your MD only return on a 1-2 for 24 hours.
  2. Take 1d6 damage as you feel parched and dehydrated.
  3. Random mutation for 1d6 rounds, then Save. Permanent if you fail. Fish-related mutations are preferable.
  4. You forget how to swim. Lasts 24 hours.
  5. Deafened for 1d6 hours. You can only hear sea waves.
  6. Vomit 1d100 litres of sea water.


  1. Water avoids you. You cannot drink anything with water unless it is also laced with alcohol. Rain, fog and small amounts of water part before you and refuse to touch you. Larger bodies of water force you to flail helplessly an inch above their surface. Lasts 24 hours.
  2. As above, but permanent.
  3. You slowly and painfully dry out into a desiccated husk.

This doom can be avoided if you never leave water, or sire a child with a deep one.

A deep one.
Edit: I realize now how useless the former final spell of sea sorcerers was. Call tsunami is simply not a spell any PC would cast - it would be great for a Big Bad to have something to threaten a whole kingdom with, but not for the PCs.

Call Tsunami
R: [dice] miles; T: sea; D: special

You perform a ritual that takes [dice] hours. It can only be performed on a seashore. As it is completed, a massive tsunami wave rises from the sea and hits [sum] miles of seashore, rushing [dice] miles onto the land. Everything dies, so be careful where you are standing.

Sump sorcerers in the Veins know a variant of this spell under the name flash flood. It can be cast anywhere underground and affects a spherical radius of [dice] miles around the caster instead. As the ritual is completed, it rapidly fills the caves in radius with water, flooding them for [sum] hours.

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