12 July 2018

Class: Queensman Wizard

The spell list for this class was mostly stolen from here, reworked for Skerples' standards and flavoured with Goblin Punch.

Nameless queen Yama is long dead, but her legacy, her machinations, and most importantly her cult remain. The so called Queensmen were once her secret police, highly trained and unquestioningly loyal. They were trusted with delicate operations and willing to do any dirty work. They were the Queen's eyes and ears, her daggers in the dark. They were ready to die for their Queen.

After each of the Queen's deaths, they were hunted and executed by her enemies. Yet they survived, as did the Queenscult. They waited for her return and welcomed her back, ready to serve. And when she was shattered, they put forth plans to find the Queensisters and help them and prepare them for when the Queen will rise again.

They are everywhere, gathering influence and resources, infiltrating royal courts, hunting for secrets and artifacts. They are invisible, always one step ahead, contingency plans within contingency plans. They are ready and the Thrice-Killed Queen is coming soon.

Secret Society by beckis52

You are an Outlaw.

Starting Skill: (d4) 1. Investigation, 2. Torture, 3. Espionage, 4. Sabotage.

Starting Items: disguise kit, Queensmen signet ring.

Perks & Flaws:

You have connections to the Queenscult, which is both a blessing and a curse.

In every town and some villages, there will be someone who knows the secrets signs and passwords of the cult. You have friends and can ask for favours. But you will occasionally be tasked with a mission and expected to comply. The more favours you request, the more frequent, more difficult and more dangerous your missions will be. Should you refuse or botch your mission, the cult will find and kill you. Should you be exposed, everyone else will hunt, torture and execute you.

  1. You can fold any paper into tiny origami animals. These animals will animate for 10 minutes and behave as the animal in question would. They cannot deal any damage and are as durable as would be expected from origami.
  2. You can empower your voice to boom loud enough to be heard over a noisy town square or a whole mountain valley.
  3. You can root your feet into ground to gain an advantage on any checks made to retain balance, resist forced movement, or remain standing.
All hail the Queen!

Spell List:

1. Keep Still
R: touch; T: creature or object; D: varies

The target is unable to leave its place - it can perform any action except for moving. Creatures may attempt a Save vs Str to move at half speed for one turn.

The spell duration is [sum] rounds at 1 [die], minutes at 2 [dice], hours at 3 [dice], or permanent at 4 [dice].

2. Candlemass
R: 0; T: your hand; D: [sum] minutes

You conjure [dice] lit candles in your hand. Each behaves as any regular candle, except they cannot be put out and will burn even underwater. They may also be easily attached to any solid surface. The candles disappear as the spell expires.

3. Spit to Sword
R: special; T: your spittle; D: varies

You transform your spit into blades. By spitting into your hand, you can create a light weapon for [dice] minutes. Alternately, you may spit inside the mouth of a creature within 50', dealing [sum] damage as the spittle turns into razors.

4. Horrible Glyph
R: touch; T: surface; D: [sum] rounds

The solid surface touched is marked with a glyph so horrible that anyone who can see it must Save vs Fear or be overcome with disgust and retreat until it can no longer see the glyph. If a creature is marked and can see the glyph, it may even harm itself to remove the glyph.

5. Loyal Steel
R: touch; T: one weapon; D: [sum] rounds

You enchant a weapon to float in the air at your side and protect you. As a free action whenever you are attacked, the weapon counterattacks. It strikes as if wielded by you. The spell ends as its duration expires or after [dice] successful hits.

6. Shadow Betrayal
R: 30'; T: [dice] creatures; D: [sum] rounds

The target takes damage as if unaware if their shadow is attacked.

7. Empty Socket
R: touch; T: [dice] eyes; D: [sum] hours

The eye you touch is encased in magic and falls out of the head of its owner. It still provides sight and as the spell expires, it will teleport back to its original cavity. With a successful Attack, you may use this spell to pop out eyes of unwilling targets. If a removed eye is intentionally damaged, it is destroyed.

8. Magic Mouth
R: 0; T: self; D: [sum] hours

You gain [dice] extra inventory slots that can be accessed by swallowing or regurgitating the item you wish to store. The stored items are undetectable and none of their harmful effects affect you. As the spell expires, you vomit any items still stored.

9. Capture in Bottle
R: 30'; T: one creature; D: varies
This spell requires an empty bottle to cast. A creature of up to [dice] x 2 HD must Save or be pulled into the bottle and trapped. Anyone opening the bottle may release the creature, and if the bottle is broken, the creature is freed as well.

The spell duration is [sum] rounds at 1 [die], minutes at 2 [dice], hours at 3 [dice], or permanent at 4 [dice].

10. Death Mask
R: touch; T: humanoid corpse; D: [sum] days

You touch a corpse and the face peels off like a mask. The rest of the corpse shrivels up and flakes into dust. When you (and only you) wear the mask, you will look and sound like the person whose face you're wearing. The mask will rot into uselessness after [sum] days, but with 4 [dice], it can be made permanent.

11. Spiteful Queen's Gift
R: touch; T: object; D: [dice] hours

The target object is imbued with incendiary potency and may explode. Pick one of the triggers below:
  • codeword,
  • time elapsed,
  • impact,
  • touch of anyone else but you.
Any creature within 5' of the exploding object takes [sum] damage. If the object is not triggered before the duration of the spell expires, the magics harmlessly dissipate. The target object may be destroyed by the explosion; wooden items have 5-in-6 chance of breaking, iron items 3-in-6 and magic items 1-in-6.

12. Jealous Queen's Kiss
R: kiss; T: creature; D: permanent

You force [dice] interdictions upon the target ("You shall never refuse to help the Queenscult." "You will not lie." "You can never again attack me or my allies.") with a kiss.

Because it's required that you kiss the target, you may only cast this spell on a willing or helpless (bound, unconscious, ...) creature. Impossible or contradictory interdictions are ignored. Multiple castings of this spell overwrite the older ones, they don't stack.

Any time the target breaks one of the interdictions, they must Save or die.

Except that the red one would be a Queensister.

  1. Your MD only return on a 1-2 for 24 hours.
  2. You take 1d6 damage from internal bleeding.
  3. Random mutation for 1d6 rounds, then Save. Permanent if you fail.
  4. Random insanity for 1d6 rounds, then Save. Permanent if you fail.
  5. Any spell you cast (including cantrips) for 24 hours will be accompanied by very obvious supernatural signs, such as floating clothes, glowing eyes, distant thunder, or ominous sounds.
  6. For 1d6 rounds, you must obey any command shouted at you, as per command spell.
  1. You are paranoid. There are conspiracies everywhere. There is no one you can trust. You have trouble sleeping near other people. You won't eat food you didn't prepare and even then will be afraid of poison. There is always someone watching.
  2. You suffer minor hallucinations. The GM will start telling you secrets no one else can see. Some of them might even be true. You are constantly alert and on the edge.
  3. You fly into a murderous rage for 1d6 hours, attacking everyone present and then seeking more victims to kill. You constantly scream about the return of the Queen. But the real danger is the Queenscult, because they cannot have you spill all their secrets and will likely dispose of you even before your third doom.
Your dooms can be avoided by leaving the Queenscult and never coming back. But nobody leaves the Queenscult.


  1. May I have some hints as to how candlemass might be used? Just for when lights are expended or when illuminating underwater?

    1. As you already said, as emergency light source attachable to a shield or helmet, or for underwater lighting. As you can throw them and they will stick, you could try to ignite something afar, or throw it at enemy in darkness and let it stick to illuminate them for bonus to hit. Drop it down a chasm, maybe feed it to a monster, as it will burn even in their gullet?

      Did you roll it? :)

    2. Nah, it just seems a bit too minor to me, and I'm thinking about it a bit.

      I love this class overall. It's great!