2 October 2018

IVAN: Release 0.54

Finally, the testing is done and all the features are (reasonably) complete. Iter Vehemens ad Necem is now at release 0.54 and you can download it here.

That angel was my friend until a nymph seduced her.

  • New OS X binary!
  • Nearly 400 new materials added.
  • More interesting TX final level.
  • Improved look mode by using showItemsUnder.
  • Limit golem spawns to GC and TX.
  • Fluid rework - you can now sip only a part of a bottle's contents rather than always drink it all.
  • New animations!
  • Mini-map notes through engravings.
  • Mouse support!
  • Mouse hover over silhouette equipment will show a detailed descriptive message on log.
  • Hotkey for quick weapon switching.
  • Improved lights!
  • Text font options added.
  • Optional xBRZScale now used to stretch the full dungeon, silhouette, inventory items and NPCs on lists.
  • FrameSkip optional functionality for slow machines (or heavy CPU load as in "play while you work").
  • You can now optionally review after death events/items/msgs using Ivan3D mode.
  • Optionally always centre on player after exiting LookZoom mode.
  • Optionally show full dungeon name with roman level numbers.
  • Grouped config options in categories.
  • Custom stack list length (items, drop, throw etc.).
  • Several new monsters added, including five new uniques.
  • Monster AI now knows how to zap wands at you!
  • Show items at player position, side by side.
  • Fix load game in wizard mode.
  • Fix some crashes on iOS.
  • Fix many crashes that may happen on death.
  • Fix memory leaks of message system and sound system.
  • Chests that spawn with broken locks are automatically unlocked.
  • Anvils and forges will no longer block your path.
  • Fix memory overflow in commandsystem::ShowMap().
  • Fix duplicated player after crash.
  • Lower resolution to better fit scaled window.
  • Warn about severe injury from mustard gas while resting.
  • Many minor fixes.
  • Mainly when toggling full screen mode on linux, it will now wait until you release the key to apply.
  • Imprisoned necromancer can cast spells.
  • Elianise will no longer steal from you.
  • All the ambassadors will stay in the Cathedral and not wander around.
  • Nerf mind worm damage a bit.
  • Fix unlocking hexagonal and octagonal locks on chests.
  • Fix unicorns neighs.
For developers:
  • Add define.dat validator for script files.
  • Use chrono for rng seed instead of random_device.
  • Commands console.

You can always join us on the forums with any questions you may have.


Me and my clones, talking to the high priest Petrus
right after I tamed his female slaves.

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