15 October 2019


This is an expanded bestiary for Abyss of Damned Souls, though you could use the bogeymen in any game.

They used to be human, but they lost so much they could either die or adapt. As their souls and humanity slipped away, they fought and survived and changed. They may be monstrous, but are not necessarily monsters. Their powers might make them more than human - but they are human no more.

Every single one of them is missing something and can never get it back.
All images from Doctor Who.
d30 Bogeymen
  1. A mummified corpse in a clockwork armour. It's ticking loudly and can step outside of time. It needs someone to rewind its spring, giving up their time in the process.
  2. A woman with no face. With a touch, she removes - and what she removed is gone for good. Mouth or weapon or injury or memory or curse or happiness...
  3. An ancient warrior, a broken sword thrust through his heart. As long as the sword remains there, no weapon can harm him.
  4. Some might mistake it for a flightless dragon, but it's just a bogeyman who devoured so many it grew humongous. It vomits waves of amniotic fluid full of ravenous foetuses.
  5. A child dressed in filthy rags, insects crawling over and inside of its body. It will transform into a biting, stinging swarm when upset.
  6. An old man chain-smoking cheap, stinking cigarettes, with eyes burnt out and ash trailing from his clothes. He breathes smoke, or fire if threatened.
  7. A heavily pregnant woman, her stomach full of child ghosts. She releases them to protect or serve her, and never turns down an offer to consume another child.
  8. Human skin stuffed full of spiders. It lurks in halls covered in cobwebs, climbing faster than a man can run. Its bite leaves boils that later burst into more spiders.
  9. A barely humanoid figure, warped by excessive cancerous growths. Any skin contact will merge your flesh with its, and it will try to grab and assimilate you.
  10. A dancer with hands and feet hacked off, and replaced with long blades. She moves with the speed, lightness and ferocity of a whirlwind, but can never stop moving.
  11. A muscular monster of a man, nails, hooks, spikes and chains embedded in his flesh. He speaks in calm, hushed tone and his chains writhe like living snakes.
  12. An insufficiently dressed girl, pale and hugging her sides and shivering with cold. An eerily numb, tired despair fills your mind. You want to lie down, just for a bit...
  13. A human in constant flux, their features changing with the second. When you look at them directly, they suddenly look like the person you harmed the most.
  14. A statuesque woman, random bits of flesh replaced with black obsidian, her face always impassive. Arms of stone will grasp from the ground around her.
  15. Naked and scarred witch, her long, white hair whirling around her body like a storm of blades and leaving gouges in concrete.
  16. A skinless doctor, her lab coat and surgery tools brown and red with dried blood. She has a small army of sewn skins inflated with toxic gas.
  17. A small child with perpetual, too-wide smile of huge, asymmetrical teeth. It will tell a silly joke and you'll laugh, you won't stop laughing even as it slits your throat.
  18. Twins, a boy and a girl, moving in perfect unison, their features delicate and immaculate. Anything that affects only one of them fades nearly instantly.
  19. A limbless giant burrowing through the earth with impossible ease. His gullet is full of swallowed treasures, and he may vomit some for you if you bring him extraordinary food.
  20. A woman with an armour of rusty plates of metal embedded in her skin. Her fingernails are razor blades. She's excessively polite in conversation and excessively brutal in combat.
  21. A woman with translucent skin, her modesty barely preserved by ingrown corals and sea anemones. Her kiss will turn your flesh to coral.
  22. A drowned woman's body, bloated and rotting, shuffling and moaning, barnacled and gushing with water. She cannot be harmed except by fire.
  23. A man with an iron mask. He chants an endless song and serves gods long gone. As long as you can hear his singing, no magic powers of yours will work.
  24. A normal-looking guy who always talks and never lets anyone touch him. His real body is frozen deep within ice, the eyes and mouth sewn shut.
  25. A brutish woman, morbidly obese and freakishly tall. She will tear off your limbs and feast on your flesh. She wears a burlap sack over her head.
  26. A woman stitched together from ill-fitting body parts and stuffed into a dress suit. She can knit your wounded body, but only takes payment in fresh organs and body parts.
  27. A monster in the darkness. It is never there if you have light and always here when your torch goes out. It giggles and scratches you with broken nails.
  28. A man with screaming faces tattooed on his skin. He will offer secrets and knowledge, if you promise him a favour. He may summon anyone who owes him with just a word.
  29. A skeletal figure in tattered robes. It's falling apart and not long for this world, but the wounds inflicted by its rusty knife never heal.
  30. Royal, proud, diabolic figure. Its clothes are lavish and soiled, its words are wise and venomous. It carries trinkets forged from stolen souls.

So what is a bogeyman?

Take any player character, really. What awaits them in the dungeons? Some may bring back a fortune, but most will loose limbs and minds, mutate and adapt and change to survive. What returns is not a human, but something more monstrous and violent and powerful.

Adventurers are bogeyman.

You know, for a technically kid show,
Doctor Who can be a bit disturbing.

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