11 October 2020

Who's Watching You?

I happened upon a nifty applet called Blacklight that allows you to verify your actual privacy when visiting any website. Just paste a web address into the applet and you can see for yourself what kind of information the web page gathers about you.

Blacklight will show you the number of ad trackers or third-party cookies passing information to places unknown, whether the page provides data to Facebook or Google, or even if your mouse movement and keystrokes are captured.

Funnily enough, there is only a single ad tracker on Google and nothing more. I think we can all guess which ad tracker that is. Reddit is also nearly clean. On the other hand, I found out that many news sites have a disproportionate number of ad trackers active.


  1. Naturally my immediate instinct was to check what ad trackers were attached to the domain "blacklight.com"

    1. I did that too. :D Also my blog has only one third-party cookie attached and nothing else.