22 September 2018


Do you want to experience a true RPG experience? Do you want to play a game that takes RPGs to completely new heights? Do you want to be a part of the community?!

Mighty weapons! Deadly enemies!
You will be unable to put the controller away! Just one more combat, just one more quest! You will become hooked on the innovative story lines! You will level up and progress!!!
Try Progress Quest!
Mythic spells! Priceless rewards!
Play as a traditional half-orc or dwarf, or try something unique, like a land squid, a talking pony or a trans-kobold! Shatter limbs as a robot monk, or shatter minds as a mage-illusioner, or shatter expectations as a lowling!! Find out about kobold penises!!!

Try Progress Quest!
So much fun! Fun for everyone!
Download here or play for FREE in your browser!!!

I think adding a few more exclamation
marks can only make it better!!!!1!!1!!!1!

Surprisingly enough, this is not a spambot. :) Instead, it's a fun little "game" I found. I won't tell you more, because that would spoil the surprise.

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