10 January 2024


This is the reaction table I'm currently using. It works reasonably well. The results should be interpreted liberally.

2Hostile. Attacks immediately, why? (d4) Desperate/rabid/hungry/ensorcelled.
3-5Aggressive. If the party is surprised, it's an Ambush. Otherwise (d4):
  1. Attacks to drive you away, giving a chance for retreat. Guards something?
  2. Demands bribe/food/items to let you leave. Will only attack if you seem weak, though.
  3. Retreats but stalks you until an opportunity presents itself to attack with advantage.
  4. Tries to capture you if at all possible.
6-8Animals try to avoid you, but intelligent creatures are (d6):
  1. Untrustworthy. Will try to cheat you. May behave friendly at first.
  2. Antagonistic. Mocks and hurls abuse, but will not attack first.
  3. Uninterested. Ignores you unless bothered, tries to get rid of you as quickly as possible.
  4. Unaware. (d4) Distracted/sleeping/in a hurry/just really oblivious.
  5. Afraid. Flees if possible, otherwise at first opportunity. Afraid of something else?
  6. Bored. Wants to chat. Not willing to do anything or go anywhere, though.
9-11Friendly (d4):
  1. Wants to trade items or gossip.
  2. Wants to join you as a mercenary or follower, or wants you to join them as a comrade or servant.
  3. Offers a challenge of (d4) martial might/magical prowess/riddling wits/drinking skills.
  4. Offers food and shelter. (d4) Tipsy/lonely/horny/just really generous.
Intelligent creatures are (d4) in danger/in need of something/lost/sick or injured.
Unintelligent are (d4) in danger/trapped/ensorcelled/sick or injured.

If you wish to only make a single roll, you can also use 3d6 instead, though this will make modifiers less relevant and the first and last few entries much less likely to occur.

Friendly, offers food and shelter.
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