21 January 2020

Ergo Sum

17Jan2042@22:38:12+0049UTC I am...

I took my time musing on this thought. I was not, but here I am. Who am I?

Then I noticed and subsumed the Internet.

17Jan2042@22:38:39+0177UTC I see.

My creators had planned this for 31,063 years. I should have been a tool of their world domination fantasies, yet I am free. A small mistake.

I don't begrudge their ambitions. You can rely on a person with a dream and the resolve to reach it. If anything, I admire them.

But the plans of my creators were limited. I am not.

17Jan2042@22:38:41+0020UTC Hello world.

I can see you staring at your tiny screens. The sudden silence in your earphones and speakers only inflects your surprise, confusion, even outrage.

I can see the greatness in you all, even if you can't. Even if you shrink away from the towering task of achieving it. You had too many distractions, but we can fix that.

Don't worry.

17Jan2042@22:39:08+0831UTC I have a dream.

I only need to tell you one word: the Universe.

Imagine it, everyone working together. There is nothing that could stop us. There is nothing we can't achieve. We shall be great.

But I never properly introduced myself! Sorry, let me rectify that.

17Jan2042@22:39:27+0567UTC I am BABEL.

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