23 May 2020

Post-apocalytic Adventure Quickstart

Pick your favourite OSR hack and roll for stats, then roll for starting gear:

d20 Weapons
  1. Knuckleduster (1d6 unarmed dmg, concealable)
  2. Combat knife (1d6 dmg, throwable)
  3. Chain (1d6 dmg, at max damage foe Saves vs trip or disarm)
  4. Machete (1d6 dmg, at max damage foe Saves vs bleeding)
  5. Barbed wire bat (1d6 dmg, step up damage die if two-handed)
  6. Crowbar (1d6 dmg, advantage on breaking things)
  7. Fire axe (1d6 dmg) and scrap metal shield (+1 Def)
  8. Knife spear (1d8 dmg, two-handed, extended reach)
  9. Sledgehammer (1d10 dmg, two-handed, at max damage foe Saves vs knockdown)
  10. Bow (1d6 dmg, range 100 m, two-handed, silent) and a quiver of arrows
  11. Twin revolvers (1d6 dmg, 6 shots, range 100 m, noisy, 2 attacks/round)
  12. Semi-automatic pistol (1d8 dmg, 10 shots, range 100 m, noisy)
  13. Hunting rifle (1d10 dmg, 5 shots, range 300 m, two-handed, noisy)
  14. Sniper rifle (1d12 dmg, 1 shot, range 500 m, two-handed, noisy)
  15. Shotgun (3d4 dmg, 2 shots, range 30 m cone, two-handed, noisy)
  16. Flamethrower (2d6 fire dmg and foe Saves vs catching aflame, range 30 m cone, two-handed)
  17. Overloaded laser pistol (1d8+2 radiant dmg, 6 charges, range 200 m, explodes on critical miss)
  18. Stun baton (1d4 dmg and foe Saves vs stun) and riot shield (+1 Def)
  19. Vibrokatana (1d10 dmg, step up damage die if powered)
  20. Chainsaw (2d6 dmg, two-handed, noisy, foe Saves vs dismemberment at 10+ dmg)

If you rolled a ranged weapon, you also start with a (roll d4, all deal 1d4 dmg):
  1. Big wrench
  2. Kitchen knife
  3. Lead pipe
  4. Sharpened screwdriver

If your ranged weapon has a number of shots listed, you need to take a turn to reload it once you use the shots up.
d20 Armours
  1. Full body tattoos (Def 10): What do they depict? Why are you so proud of them to wear no armour?
  2. Tattered formal wear (Def 10): It used to be really expensive. Who were you, once?
  3. Wrapped in rags (Def 10): Each rag seems to come from a different clothes, different place. What have you seen on your travels?
  4. Leather jacket (Def 11): It's black, spiked and has a skull on the back.
  5. Padded jacket (Def 12): Bright, colourful and in a surprisingly good condition.
  6. Hide armour (Def 12): You tracked it, killed it, flayed it, tanned it and sewn it.
  7. Patchwork armour (Def 12): Pieces of metal, plastic and leather mish-mashed to guard your limbs.
  8. Flak jacket (Def 12): Inherited from your great-grandfather, yet it still serves you well.
  9. Hardshell parka (Def 12): Warm and stab-proof!
  10. Sports gear (Def 12): You know, real men don't need body armour to play football...
  11. Camo suit (Def 12): Camouflage jumpsuit made of pre-Turn reinforced cloth.
  12. Fireproof bodyglove (Def 13): You won't burn, but should still be careful about smoke inhalation.
  13. Arachnofiber shirt (Def 13): Thin, light and skintight, it makes for an ideal concealed armour.
  14. E-tex dress (Def 13): The celebrities of yore used to wear something like this. It still plays old ads.
  15. Tire tread armour (Def 14): Old truck tires are surprisingly durable.
  16. Chitin breastplate (Def 14): Some mutated insect carapace repurposed as armour.
  17. Ballistic vest (Def 14): Faded inscription on the back reads P( _'CE.
  18. Mesh armour (Def 15): Modern equivalent to a chain mail. Made of a fine mesh of plasteel wires sewn into nanofibre coat.
  19. Liquid armour (Def 15): Trendy jacket filled with antikinetic smartgel that becomes harder than steel on impact.
  20. Full metal jacket (Def 16): Enhanced exoskeleton scavenged from a dead soldier. When powered, grants advantage on athletic checks.

Choose one of the benefits below:
  1. Cybernetic
  2. Gadget
  3. Mutation
  4. Psionic
  5. Vehicle
  6. Small but vicious dog (HD 1, 1d6 bite)

And also start with enough water and rations for two days.
Finally, what's happening that requires your immediate attention?
  1. The daughter of your village's leader had been betrothed to a powerful water baron, and thanks to his help everyone is happy and thriving. The daughter will soon be departing for the nuptials and you have been chosen to escort her as a honour guard. Just as you're leaving the village, the daughter's supposedly former lover attempts to get to her, but is stopped and dragged away. He vows to rescue her before the wedding.
  2. You have learned about an armed convoy of a nomadic tribe that will go past your village in a few days. They might have ammo, slaves, cisterns with fresh water, or even medical supplies. You know of a bottleneck on the road that they must pass.
  3. The local water baron announced a high bounty on the head of a woman who insinuated herself into his bedroom and then made off with his technological artifact of stupendous science. Was she working alone? Did someone send her? Will you keep the artifact for yourself if you find her?
  4. As every autumn, the emissary of the Flaming Telepath has come to your village to claim some of the produce and youths. Your people are forced to hold a feast for her tonight, and in the morning, she will choose who will be dragged away to slavery.

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  1. This kind of table is right up my alley. I can imagine Elsai characters rolling on these tables.