20 July 2020

More Magical Trinkets

Continued from here.
d50 Trinkets
  1. A seed that can be pressed into the stump of a lost limb to regrow a functional replacement limb of twigs and branches. When pressed into a neck stump, will give the corpse the head of an obedient, dim-witted servant.
  2. A pouch of builder-seeds. When planted, will grow into any desired (if wooden and a bit leafy) furniture or fixture in only a few minutes. Normally can only create wooden walls, but if loose rocks are available, the branches will pick them up as they grow and fashion a wood-mortared stone wall.
  3. A wineskin of bitter wine. When spilled over a surface, causes an overgrowth of grass, moss, flowers, bushes and vines. When poured on seeds or existing plants, they rapidly grow to massive size.
  4. An endless box of matchsticks.
  5. A small vial of Midas' venom. It transforms living flesh, and only living flesh, to gold.
  6. A soup stone. Boil it with nothing but water and get a delicious soup. Unlimited use, new flavour every day.
  7. A ship in a bottle. When the bottle is broken, the ship rapidly regains its normal dimensions.
  8. A statue that will move behind your back when nobody is paying attention. It does nothing else, just stand there right behind you. No burden or bondage seems to stop it.
  9. A splendid ring. If someone voluntarily accepts this ring from you as a gift, they count as charmed by you for as long as they own the ring.
  10. A pouch that always contains something completely useless in the current situation. The items you take out always go quickly missing.
  11. A violin that turns you invisible as long as you play it.
  12. A jar of endless lava. It drips veeeeery sloooooowly when spilt.
  13. A compass that always points to the most dangerous nearby place.
  14. A small blue key. Any door can be opened with it, but will only lead to a tiny extradimensional broom closet.
  15. Several sheets of blank paper. When the blood of a dying creature touches the paper, its soul is trapped within and the paper folds into an animate origami of that creature.
  16. A rug that acts as quicksand. The creatures or items lost in it are never seen again.
  17. A small wooden box. As long as you stand on it and continue speaking without a pause, nobody will try to interrupt you.
  18. A threadbare dress jacket. As long as you wear it, people will loudly and angrily argue against anything you say, no matter their actual opinions.
  19. A phylactery. How did the lich manage to loose it, anyway? Are you sure you should be carrying it around?
  20. A very snobbish skeleton butler. Once you acquire it, there's no way to get rid of it. It will serve you tea, right now.
  21. A blade of glass. Deals d6+10 damage, but shatters on the first hit.
  22. A blade of grass. When you hold it and concentrate, all nearby grass, leaves, petals and needles become razor-sharp.
  23. A misenchanted arrow. When fired, will seek out its target and circumvent all obstacles, then barely miss, turn around and miss again, ad nauseam.
  24. A cursed arrow that teleport-swaps the archer and the intended target when shot.
  25. Fairy dust. Anyone sprinkled with it will firmly believe they can fly.
  26. Pixie dust. Once you have it, there will always be more in your pockets. Can be thrown on someone to cause them minor discomfort, like itching or sneezing.
  27. A small earthenware jar. You can put any number of things of any size inside without making it heavier, but the only way to get things out is to shatter the jar, spilling all the contents.
  28. A breed-dagger. Any wound it causes spills stinging insects, not blood.
  29. A dagger that drinks in any poisonous/venomous/caustic substance when dipped/stabbed into something. Will drip with the substance until it drinks a new one.
  30. A tankard that prevents any liquid you drink from it from having an effect on you.
  31. A small doll in a brightly coloured dress. You possess and animate it when you sleep.
  32. A canary in a cage. It dies at the lightest hint of a poison, disease, harmful gas or other such danger, but comes back to life when you next rest.
  33. Two small chests. Whenever you lock them, their contents swap.
  34. A small pouch of holy spice. Flavour a meal with it to absolve it of all related sins (non-kosher, cannibalistic, etc.). Angels often use it to enjoy a hearty soul-based meal.
  35. Powdered unicorn horn. Snorting a line makes you metaphysically pure, innocent and virginal for all magical purposes. Lasts until you do something even tiny bit bad (like attacking or swearing).
  36. Dried demigod testicles. Swallowing one grants invulnerability to damage and a feeling of total invincibility until you fall asleep. Once you come down, take double damage from all sources. No known way of curing the addiction, but you could try to get your next fix.
  37. A wheelchair of power. As long as you sit in it, all your stats are increased to 16 / 5, but every time you roll an attribute check, there is a 1-in-6 chance that you won't be able to use you legs ever again.
  38. A fire axe. Can chop flames into neat, portable chunks.
  39. A jar of nightmares. When you open it, everyone nearby (you included) is plunged into the deepest Dreamlands.
  40. An apothecary weight. It cannot be lifted by anyone or anything, save for its rightful owner. It is not crushingly heavy, just cannot be lifted.
  41. A wand of useful tools. Can transform into any small tool, like a hatchet or metal file. When empowered, can also form larger tools like a ladder or jack-hammer.
  42. A scroll of omnipotence. Details a small part of a dangerous ritual to become omnipotent. Should you finish the bit of the ritual, you have a 1-in-20 chance to gain a minor magical power and the instructions on the scroll change to the next bit. Can be used any number of times, but the tasks will get harder and deadlier.
  43. A potion of murder moss. Any surface it touches is instantly covered in blood-red, carnivorous moss. Unless completely burned, the moss will spread slowly, or rapidly when fed flesh and blood.
  44. A stub of chalk. Any space enclosed by its drawing (like a circle on the floor) is slowly divested of air, until a bubble of vacuum forms. It will collapse if the line of chalk is broken.
  45. A flesh-bang. When the pin is pulled, it explodes into a shower of gore and meaty tendrils. Those who succeed on their Save are covered in blood and viscera, those who fail are conjoined with the web-like growth of cancerous flesh.
  46. A box of equivalent exchange. When you place an item inside and close the lid, it is replaced with a completely different item of roughly comparable value. When you insert an item and enough money, you will receive a similar but better item in exchange. It doesn't work with items that you gained from previous transactions.
  47. A syringe of liquid beehive. When injected into living flesh, it will rapidly mutate, developing new orifices and spawning a brood of red bees. The bees are friendly to the creature they live in; they will help it drive away threats and even share their blood-honey, if there are enough flowers to make it.
  48. A jar of brilliant paint labelled "Wizard's Heavy-Duty Anti-Scratch Wonder". Anything coated in it is completely immune to objects and effects of similar colour.
  49. A jar of faded paint labelled "Wizard's Heavy-Duty Anti-Scratch Wonder". It expired a long time ago. Anything coated in it is doubly affected by objects and effects of similar colour.
  50. A single link of chain that becomes a heavy iron ball chained to the leg of anyone it strikes.


  1. Aaaaand also yoink. These are really good, and you can expect them to end up in Finders Keepers. I see you've matched my format for wands as well, I'll be giving the Wand of Usefulness a steel and oak body, with a core of modron brain-stem.

  2. Replies
    1. Oops, it transforms living flesh (and only living flesh) to gold.