8 March 2019

Weird Weapons

This is the final table of random weapons, encompassing both hand-to-hand weapons and weapons that simply do not fit into any category. If you want a really unique, foreign, or plain dumb weapon, try rolling here.

No, that's tiny bit too much.

d20 Strange Weapons
  1. bagh nakh
  2. bladed gauntlet
  3. crescent moon knife
  4. emeici
  5. finger knife
  6. garrote
  7. katar
  8. kpinga
  9. lantern shield
  10. maduvu
  11. meat hook
  12. nightblade
  13. nyepel (punching shield)
  14. push dagger
  15. razor claw
  16. scizore
  17. shoe knife
  18. war fan
  19. wind-and-fire wheel
  20. wristblade

I don't even...

Bagh nakh, a tiger claw.

Razor claw.

Bladed gauntlet.

Finger knife.

Shoe knife.

Crescent moon knife.


Like nightstick, but with more cuts.

Assassins would be proud.

Nyepel, a punching shield.

Lantern shield.
The Swiss knife of medieval weapons.



  1. Some of these have been on Forged and Fire, though the crescent moon knife was called the deer horn knife on the program and at least one rpg supplement called them duck blades.

    The kpinga, hunga munga and similar weapons are throwing knives from Africa. I would run away from someone brandishing one.

    I have no idea what the emeici is or how it is wielded. The thumb ring throws me.

  2. I know a lot of these from Tunnels & Trolls!

    The kpinga is exclusively thrown and is very deadly due to all the blades. I THINK the crescent moon knife and the deer horn knife are the same thing. You can parry with them as well as hit, and they're always used in pairs.

    The emeici is likely used in elaborate martial arts to stab, kind of like a small punch dagger. The thumb ring is I think to keep from dropping them.

    Never heard of the nyepel or the scizore before!

  3. This and your other random weapon tables are real workhorses - not overly glamourous, but very consistently useful.