16 June 2019

Traditional Vampire Weaknesses

Maybe you want a traditional vampire, but with a little bit of randomness sprinkled in. Maybe you just want to stop the sparkling...

d30 Vampire Weaknesses
  1. Animosity: Most animals are afraid of the vampire, running away or attacking. Bats, wolves and insects instead adore him.
  2. Black eyes: The vampire is blinded in bright light. In any lighting above a dim candlelight, the vampire's eyes appear solid black.
  3. Bloodline: When the sire dies, all his children die as well. Those not yet fully turned are cured instead.
  4. Bloodlust: If not fully sated, the vampire must Save vs going into bestial frenzy at the sight of blood. If hungry, she must Save in the presence of any living creature with blood.
  5. Burial ground: The vampire must sleep on at least a small amount of dirt from her grave, otherwise she cannot heal from resting.
  6. Coffin: The vampire must sleep in the coffin he was buried in, otherwise he cannot heal from resting.
  7. Daysleeper: The vampire cannot stay awake during daylight hours and won't wake up even if threatened.
  8. Dead blood: Coming into contact with dead blood (drinking from a cadaver, being injured by a weapon coated in old, clotted blood) forces a Save vs unconsciousness.
  9. Vampire blood: Drinking the blood of another vampire forces the vampire to Save or devolve into a ravenous bat-beast.
  10. Healing blood: The vampire cannot heal but through the consumption of blood.
  11. Fatal hunger: The vampire must feed at least once per day. Starvation kills the vampire instead of resulting in deathless sleep.
  12. Feeble hunger: The vampire becomes physically weaker than a normal human while malnourished.
  13. Fear of fire: The vampire must Save vs Fear in the presence of any flame larger than a torch.
  14. Food rejection: Consuming anything but blood causes severe and prolonged vomiting.
  15. Garlic: The vampire cannot use any supernatural powers while poisoned with garlic.
  16. Hideous: The vampire has the appearance of a rotting corpse, a pale and gaunt husk, or a gargoyle-like demon. She cannot use any magic to hide this.
  17. Holy ground: The vampire cannot enter consecrated ground unless physically forced onto it, and cannot take any other action but flee while there.
  18. Holy symbols: The vampire must Save to advance against anyone who presents a holy symbol of faith they truly hold.
  19. Holy water: In addition to the normal damage against undead, holy water temporarily blocks the vampire's supernatural powers.
  20. Insanity: The vampire is not really of sound mind. Most likely insanities are delusion, compulsion, obsession, paranoia, or quirks.
  21. Invitation: The vampire cannot enter a long-term dwelling uninvited. Campsites or hotel rooms are fine, though.
  22. No reflection: The vampire has no reflection and involuntarily recoils when looking into a mirror, gaining disadvantage on her rolls.
  23. No shadow: The vampire has no shadow. She automatically fails any Saves vs light-based magic (including illusions).
  24. Pride: The vampire may not refuse any challenge that she believes she would win, nor may she break her word unless the other party betrays her first.
  25. Running water: Whenever the vampire has more than a half of any body part (legs above knees, arm above elbow, body up to chest) submerged in running water (any river or brook, but not lake or sea), this body part becomes immobile and unusable. Especially in the case of legs, this can make the vampire fall into the water, rendering him completely immobile until removed from the flow.
  26. Salt: The vampire takes damage from salt and salt water as if it was acid.
  27. Silver: The vampire takes double damage from silver weapons, or 1d4 damage per round per any silver item touching his bare skin.
  28. Scorching sunlight: The vampire is turned to dust instantly in sunlight, instead of only taking damage.
  29. Stoning sunlight: The vampire is turned to stone instantly in sunlight, instead of only taking damage.
  30. Wooden stake: If impaled through the heart by a wooden stake of a specific wood (ash, hawthorn, cherry), the vampire is instantly slain and crumples to dust. Other types of wood only paralyse the vampire until the stake is removed.

Here are several examples of what I consider good vampire looks:


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