20 March 2021

Even More Magical Trinkets

Here is part 1 and part 2.

d50 Trinkets

  1. A jar of d10 leeches. Each leech can suck out either a curse or a memorized spell from a person. If the leech is then squashed, the magic is unleashed on the nearest target.
  2. A bottle of liquid soul. Pour the potion on something to grant it sentience. If you first add a piece of a brain into the potion, the newly sentient object will inherit memories from it. You could also drink it, I guess.
  3. A potion of purification. Violently removes all impurities from a liquid it's mixed into (salt from sea water, cells from blood).
  4. A potion of impregnation. Any surface treated with the potion repels water strongly enough that droplets will bounce right off. Might have really weird effects when drunk by a female due to the magical principle of paronomasia.
  5. A vial of pure concentrated mana. Has an equal chance of supercharging any magic, or making it dangerously unstable and unpredictable.
  6. A vial of magic cement. Contains a cubic meter of liquid cement which will harden within 10 minutes even underwater.
  7. A dragon's breath in a bottle.
  8. A barnacle armour. Grows into your skin, cannot be removed. Starts as leather, but if well fed and cared for, will eventually mature into plate-equivalent. Can infect other people, but their barnacle armour starts very small, with no bonus at all.
  9. An armour of ice. As plate, but light enough to float on water. Melts into lesser armour types if damaged by fire, but will slowly regrow when provided water.
  10. A ring of returning. Anything you throw, drop, or even just put down will return to your hands.
  11. A ring of lock-fingering. You can use your finger as a lockpick.
  12. A wand of necrotic healing. Heals a creature to full hp, but also permanently decreases their maximum hp by 1*. When empowered, heals to full +d6 hp.
  13. A wand of magnetism. A target metallic item becomes strongly magnetic, one at a time. When empowered, can either be used on multiple items at once, or affect even non-metallic items.
  14. A scroll of advertisement. Every time it's read, it contains the directions to the nearest shop. May burn up if used too often.
  15. A retroactive love letter. Write the name of your target on it and then your signature. Suddenly, you will have had an affair.
  16. A cloak of fresh air. You seem to be always standing in a slight breeze. Smog, smoke and gases will part around you.
  17. A craven cloak. Will scream loudly when danger is imminent - you are about to be ambushed, you would step on a trap, etc. It will be constantly shrieking in combat, making communication and concentration quite hard.
  18. A dress that, when taken off, teleports you into the nearest wardrobe.
  19. A tattooing needle that requires no ink. Can also be used to transfer tattoos from one person to another.
  20. A quill that erases any writing it touches. If the writing was magically binding, the quill burns up but negates the binding.
  21. A serpent staff. Can transform into a snake and back at will. The snake will translate from serpent-speech if you treat it well.
  22. A chaos shard spear. Roll for a random damage type every time you brandish it.
  23. A dagger of soul trapping. When you slay a creature with this dagger, their soul will be trapped in the gem on the pommel. The soul will be pushed out and released when another creature is killed and a new soul trapped.
  24. A razor of quick-shaving. Anything with hair or fur can be shaved completely in a single round.
  25. A soot-stained sword of low-grade iron. Grants immunity to fire, extra +d6 fire damage and sets you aflame for as long as you wield it. Probably found in the hands of a blazing, naked madman, his armour and possessions burned off long ago.
  26. The sword of Babel. Anyone struck by the sword has one of their languages exchanged for a random one.
  27. A humongous sword, twice as long as you are tall. Deals d20 damage, except if anyone realizes it should be impossible to carry, let alone swing around that easily, they will only take 1 damage.
  28. A rusty firelock pistol. Doesn't shoot bullets - when the trigger is pulled, both the wielder and the target gain a random curse.
  29. A short scabbard decorated with blue and white semiprecious stones. When filled with water, it freezes in the form of a dagger. This icy dagger acts as if made of steel, but will melt quickly once removed from the scabbard.
  30. A shield bearing the depiction of a bulwark. Can project an illusory wall in the direction it is held; the wall moves with the shield.
  31. A timecube. Shatter it to split the timeline. You have exactly 3 rounds to do as you please. When the time runs out or you die, everything will revert to the moment you shattered the timecube. Only you retain the alternate memories.
  32. A pouch of dust of worthlessness. Anything sprinkled with the dust will seem unimportant on casual glance.
  33. A pouch of fireflies. They live in the pouch and will obey its owner.
  34. A spiked black leather choker that projects a bubble of force around your head (and your head only). Permeable to clean air, but nigh impenetrable otherwise.
  35. A cigar box that once belonged to a serial killer. While you smoke, you can read the thoughts of all nearby potential victims that would fit the late killer's modus operandi (d4): 1. young women, 2. rich men, 3. children, 4. prostitutes.
  36. A pack of cigarettes. The smoke will depict the most cherished or most regretted memory of the smoker.
  37. A painting of yourself. It's bulky and fragile, but will absorb the first injury/madness/curse you suffer, if it happens in its presence.
  38. A stone of spirit splitting. When touched, instantly removes all foreign spirits from a creature's body (demons, curses, diseases, spells), but they are incarnated into a physical body.
  39. A circle of fine chain made of blessed silver and engraved with runes of warding. Like a quick-to-deploy circle of protection.
  40. A phoenix down, said to bring back the dead. It cannot do that, but it will instantly wake up anyone asleep, unconscious or even in a coma if their nose is tickled.
  41. A shadowlander's lantern that sheds darkness instead of light. The quality of the darkness depends on the combustible - cheap oil will dim nearby lights and lengthen shadows while a strong, pricey alcohol can make darkness so deep not even darkvision will penetrate it. Weird oils might shed weird dark.
  42. A troll tallow candle. It regenerates quickly if not completely burnt. If left alone for too long, will regrow the whole troll.
  43. A mummified severed hand holding a candle. Its light is only visible to those who are touching it.
  44. A black candle that releases impossible amounts of acrid, dense, oily smog when lit.
  45. A cursed lantern that constantly releases colourless, odourless, explosive gas when not lit. When you try to light it...
  46. A magic lamp with an imprisoned fire elemental. It provides unlimited light and warmth, but it's quite irritable and will try to warn your enemies if given half a chance.
  47. A runed candle pierced with a rusty needle. Anyone touched by its light is blinded.
  48. A coral candlestick that can be set alight only underwater, but then provides very bright light and makes all water as far as its light can reach crystal clear.
  49. A bright pink candle. When lit, releases a lightly pink gas that acts as an aphrodisiac and a weak narcotic.
  50. A beautiful tea set. If you perform an hour-long tea ceremony, drinking the tea will grant you a boon based on the type of tea used. Black tea removes all exhaustion and sleepiness, leaving you refreshed as if you had just woken up. White tea must be shared with another being - as long as you sit and sip the tea, you can understand each other. Green tea cleanses the body, granting a bonus Save against one poison or disease afflicting you. Yellow tea stops your ageing for this day and protects against unnatural ageing effects. Herbal tea makes you drift off to sleep and enter the dream of the trees, where many druids and Folk can be met. Fruit tea is just preternaturally delicious. Using a cheap, poor-quality tea instead results in a curse.

*) Assuming Into the Odd amounts of hp. Increase for more hp-bloated systems.

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  1. Interesting array of lighting implements here. I think the tea set would encourage all kinds of questing! The quill has the most opportunities for shenanigans in certain types of campaigns, as well as a direct usage in magical dungeons, very well done