22 June 2022

QHW, Day 22: ...in SPACE!!!


  • Knot of long, multi-limbed insectoid limbs with no central body. Silicon based.
  • Every joint is covered in sensory whiskers. Extremely sensitive to electricity and vibrations.
  • They communicate via bioelectric signals. Can interface directly with their organic-electronic technology.
  • They live off thermoelectricity. To feed, they lie down with one limb in sunlight and the other in darkness.
  • Vacuum-proof, cannot survive in planetary gravity.
  • Their kilometre-long ships are actually their females.
  • Merchants. They fill their ships with cargo and travel at sub-light speeds to new systems.
  • Due to their slow travel, they often have strange technologies and ancient objects for sale.

They have nothing in common with humans, not even a distant space-faring ancestor, yet they are completely human looking. On the outside.

On the inside:

  • Two hearts.
  • Rib plates.
  • Nictitating membrane.
  • Don't sleep, they enter a trance for two hours a day.
  • Extremely long, prehensile tongue.
  • Can see in infra/ultra, but only black and white. Thus they have trouble understanding human art and fashion.
  • When pregnant, can hold an embryo in stasis for years.
  • Long lived, don't shrivel and wrinkle, but instead loose pigmentation. Old Zeno are albino.

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